Wednesday June 3 2015

Ladada at Hotties in Norfolk (6-3-15)[i]

Waking up just before noon.

Raw Cacao Protein Shake with Blueberries, Banana, and Almond Milk.

Organizing. Cleaning.

Scrambled Eggs. Toast with Non-Dairy Cream Cheese and Strawberry Jam. Honey Green Tea.

Teaching lessons at Music Makers. It's a bleak, slightly chilly day; the weather has an effect on my student's moods.

White Nectarine.

Getting ready for the rock show tonight. Driving with Ana and Stacy in the purple wagon. On the way scarfing down slices of our favorite Whole Foods Pizza, the Spinach and Tomato, and sipping on Crispin Ciders.

There at Hotties (the new name of the former Iguana and 37th and Zen). This place has changed names/management so often it's hard to keep count. And now it's Hotties. Yes, Hotties. Their Facebook page has them labeled Hottis without the "e", which I'm certain was a mistake but Facebook only allows you to change your page a limited amount of time. The back wall of the stage is labeled with radio ads for HOT 100.5. The word "hot" is an on-going joke for the night. It's not a huge turnout but a few of our friends show up – it turns into a fun-intimate-rock-show-hangout. Tara Former goes on first, which is Logan's other DJ project, a dance-infused hypnotic sound. Then, The Adventures of the Silver Spaceman (otherwise known as TAOTSS) – they're a big rock hit. It's Ladada's first show with our "summa drumma", Bobby of Boneske. We kid how this is a practice show and even on stage we're laughing about our mistakes and flubs. But overall, it's a fun performance. I drape the longhaired wig over my head. Josiah manages to knock over the microphone stand twice this time from getting too LIVE.

Tara Former at Hotties in Norfolk (6-3-15)

Afterwards, we try out this new late-night cookie joint called Insomnia Cookies. They're only open from 11:30 p.m. till 3 a.m. and they deliver. I really hope this idea for late-night cookies catches on here like it is in Richmond.

Insomnia Cookies in Norfolk (6-3-15)

Insomnia Cookies in Norfolk with Everyone (6-3-15)

My car is full of girls: Ana, Stacy, Rocky, and Rachel. It's a wild nostalgic ride back to Virginia Beach as we listen to an old mix I made from 2007. The two guys from the traveling band, TAOTSS, are staying at the house tonight. We were able to make $65 for them at the door so they can have gas money. In return, I get a cool handmade t-shirt of theirs.

Sleep 4:30 a.m.

[i] Images by me and others.

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