Tuesday June 2 2015


Waking up at 11 a.m.


There's a biblical flood happening out there in Hilltop – the rain is monstrous.


Teaching one piano lesson at Music Makers.

Grilled PB&J with Bee Pollen. Ancient Grain Puffs. Honey Green Tea.

Then, more lessons at Music Makers until 6:30 p.m.

White Nectarine. Banana.

Ana takes us to the Rec. I do a light workout on one of the machines then shoot around the basketball. There's a full court game happening on the other side but I'm staying out of competitive games until my eyelid heals up.

Back home. Making an exquisite dinner for Ana and Stacy: Lemon Butter Barbecue Mahi Mahi Fillets with Roasted Maple Mustard Brussel Sprouts, Kale Sprouts, Carrots, Red Onions, and Brown Basmati Rice. Meanwhile, Kevin serenades us with his violin and loop pedal.

I found this DIY Neosporin recipe online using beeswax and coconut oil. Adding tea tree and lavender oil makes it a multi-purpose ointment for almost anything you can think of, but for me it's going to be especially useful on my eyelid wound. And it takes me about two minutes to make it.

Researching. Chores.

Sleep 3:30 a.m.

[i] Aeriform.

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