Sunday June 7 2015

Outside Shaka's with Tristan and Ana (6-7-15)*

Waking up around 10:30 a.m. I've been having basketball dreams for the past three nights; don't know why.

Irish Oatmeal with Cinnamon, Maple Syrup, Chia Seeds, Blueberries, and Almond Milk. Coffee with Cream and Honey.

Kevin shows me the fancy egg sandwich he just made. "You see that yolk burst? It's all part of the plan," he says to me.

Going to an urgent care center off Great Neck to get the five stitches above my eyelid removed. This had great reviews online and it only cost me $69. The lady doctor used humor to help me bare through the little bit of pain when pulling and cutting the sutures. According to her, the doctor that stitched me up did a superb job and I'm healing very fast.

While driving around I see that piano man with the ponytail walking down Laskin. He must be heading to the hospital to play the piano again.

While browsing the thrift store in Hilltop that girl I always run into is here – she's got a Target shirt on today. She forever calls me "China Wok guy".

"Hey China Wok guy!" "Bye China Wok guy!"

Back home. Cleaning. Selling a couple futon mattresses to some people off Craigslist.

Ana arrives home after buying a vintage blue beach cruiser for $60. She's very happy about her purchase.

Ana's New Babe Cruiser (6-7-15)*

Quick rehearsal at the music space in Hilltop with Josiah and Bobby.

Back home. Corralling Ana, Tristan, and Stacy for the show. First, Ana and I scarf down leftover Salmon with Couscous and Kale Greens. Meanwhile, Stacy and a new work friend of hers, Yana, are playing music by the piano.

At Shaka's in the heart of the oceanfront nightlife. Ladada is playing a show with Suburban Living, Kelsie, and Cruisr. I point out to Tristan that this is where the pin drops on Google Maps for Virginia Beach. They turned it into a free show so as to lure more people. Various friends and friends of friends are here. Ladada's performance goes really well – I felt more prepared this time – and Bobby has his drum parts down.

Rockin by Danny Rogers

Robert by Danny Rogers
Josiah by Danny Rogers

Tristan Documenting Suburban Living at Shaka's (6-7-15)*

Amstel Light at Shaka's (6-7-15)*

Josiah and Tristan Dancing at Shaka's (6-7-15)*

There's dancing. There's laughing. There's raiding of the stage at the last song of Suburban Living's set.

Later on, buying overpriced Ice Cream with Waffle Cones at Kohr Brothers – Ana, Stacy, and I are disappointed cause we've had better quality ice cream elsewhere.

Me: "How are they even feeding this stuff to the tourists?"

But in reality the tourists don't know the difference. It's just ice cream to them.

Stacy and Jacob outside of Shaka's (6-7-15)

Friends outside of Shaka's (6-7-15)

Emily Plastered at Shaka's (6-7-15)*

Loitering Outside Shaka's (6-7-15)*

After the show, everyone loiters out in the back of the venue. I bust out the playground ball – Elliott and I organize a very long rotating game of foursquare. This provides hours of fun.

Stacy and Tristan Staircase (6-7-15)

After 1 a.m. back home at last after a full night of social stimulation. In my bed, Ana relays her observations about people and life in general.

Ana: "Life is just in motion. Everybody is just in motion."

I talk about how mentally exhausted I am as an introvert.

Me: "I need at least two days off from the world to recuperate."

Sleep 3 a.m.

* Images by me. 
Images by Danny Rogers. 
Images by Stacy.

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