Monday June 22 2015

Thrift Store Books (June 22 2015)[i]

Waking up at 11:27 a.m.

Iced Coffee and a Grapefruit.

Corralling everyone into the station wagon. We head to Cullipher Farms Market in Pungo to treat ourselves to Ice Cream and gather as much regional and local produce as possible. Every time the four of us hang out the more we set into our roles: Ana and I as mom and dad. Will and Stacy as brother and sister.

Stacy and Will as Kids (at Cullipher Farms Market) (June 22 2015)

On the drive I pay mention to all the expensive cookie-cutter developments they've been building on this side of Virginia Beach. We pass by a new neighborhood called "Munden Farms". Will corrects the name to "Mundane Farms".

Thrift store browsing at the DAV.

Back home. Sorting all the produce we just got.

The art of watermelon tossing...
Watermelon Toss (June 22 2015)

Two Eggs. A piece of Toast with Non-Dairy Cream Cheese. Olive Oil Potato Chips. Honey Green Tea.

Teaching one lesson to Addison at Music Makers. She's dressed as Elsa from Frozen today. She's probably the jolliest of all my students.

At the Princess Anne Rec for adult basketball. Sweating it out and playing hard.

On the drive down General Booth I get hassled by a loud bunch of guys a few lanes over from me at the stoplight. I re-enact what they said in this sound recording...

Back home. Taking all the beautiful looking Zucchini and Squash and frying it using almond meal, egg, coconut milk, and coconut oil. Will, Ken, and Ana hang out at the dining booth while I play chef.

Later on Ana stands beside me at the computer in my room. She reflects on a fond memory from when she was a teenager. It reminds her of how analytical she's becoming with age. She says, "As I get older I'm thinking more because I know more things. And sometimes I want to un-know them."

Sleep 4 a.m.

[i] Images by me.

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