Wednesday May 20 2015

Handsome Biscuit with Ana (May 20 2015)[i]

Waking up sometime before 9 a.m. – Ana and I's alotted time to get up so we have enough time to enjoy an afternoon to ourselves. Her light touch is soothing and induces us to sex.

Our "Day Date" begins on the car drive to Norfolk.

Ana: "You know what I've always wanted to try? Those banana cream pies – the ones they throw in your face."

Me: "I'll remember that for your next birthday. You'll get a pie in the face."

Ana: "I would like that!"

Nourishing ourselves with Butter and Berry Jam Sweet Potato Biscuits and Coffee from Handsome Biscuit.

Sunbathing Fly at Handsome Biscuit (May 20 2015)

Then to Thrift Store USA and Thrift Store City, two of the top thrift stores in Norfolk. Gawking over everything we find...

Owl Pine Cones at Thrift Store (May 20 2015)

Old School Roller Derby Skates at Thrift Store (May 20 2015)

Records with Ana at Thrift Store (May 20 2015)

Painting at Thrift Store (May 20 2015)

Thrift Store City (May 20 2015)

Ugly Rectangle Pig at Thrift Store (May 20 2015)

Kissin Don't Last; Cookery Do at Thrift Store (May 20 2015)

Mistah Boombastic at Thrift Store (May 20 2015)

Back home. Shopping is tiresome on the senses. I take a short nap while Ana gets groceries. She brings back perfect slices of Cheese Pizza from Whole Foods. Enjoying them with fresh Watermelon and Honey Green Tea.

At Music Makers teaching lessons. I had one cancellation but some extra ones added at the end of my shift. It's been a big day.

After that I drive out to the Princess Anne Rec, mainly to retrieve my membership card that I left there on Monday, but also to do a little cardio. After about 25 minutes of shooting around the basketball I'm overcome with exhaustion. Having to get up a few hours early and with all the extra lessons I had today really got to me physically. I snack on some Sunflower Seeds, Almonds, and half a Banana on the drive back home.

Ana takes control of the kitchen and makes us dinner: Kale, English Peas, Carrots, and Onions. Flipping through a gardening book we got from the thrift store today and learning about particular things related to the herbs she's growing and all the houseplants I've been maintaining.

General chores.

Snacking on Peruvian Inca Corn.

Sleep 3:30 a.m.

[i] Images by me.

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