Monday May 4 2015

Junkyard Zombies (5-4-15)[i]

Waking up to the sound of Pumpkin scratching at Ana's bedroom door.

"Let him in," I tell Ana.

After she opens the door the cat immediately hops onto the bed and joins the cuddle train.

Pumpkin Cuddle Train (5-4-15) (1)

Pumpkin Cuddle Train (5-4-15) (2)

Ana makes us Blueberry Oat Bran Waffles for breakfast complete with heart-shaped napkins. I brew the Coffee to go with it.

Waffle Lovers (5-4-15)

Ana and I go to the Pick-n-Pull junkyard, otherwise known as the Virginia Beach automobile cemetery. I find two sun visors from two different Toyota Camry's. Ana keeps trying to take pictures. I humorously scold her, "This isn't an amusement park."

Ana: "But we paid two dollars just to get in here."

Me: "True."

Naval Orange.

Teaching Kristian piano lessons out in Kempsville.

Going to Taylor's Do-it Center to buy a long shelf for Ana to use for her herbs and plants.

Grilled PB&J Toast with Bee Pollen. Exotic Potato Chips. Honey Green Tea.

Teaching a couple lessons at Music Makers.

Then, off to the Princess Anne Rec for adult basketball. Meanwhile, Ana makes use of the fitness room. It feels good to be running up and down the courts burning calories. I miss a few and make a few. All around it's a good time.

Back home.

Fixing us dinner: Tilapia with Broccoli, Cauliflower, Carrots, and Quinoa in a homemade Chinese style Brown Sauce. It's one of those nights where every randomly selected record we put on isn't appetizing to our ears. The needle somehow gets broken in the process so we settle for a jazz CD.

Then, on to the shelf project. I pull out my power drill and other tools. It takes a little while to get everything right cause I have to search through screws stored away in drawers for the right ones that will fit the brackets we got. The end product is worth all the effort.

Herb Plant Shelf in Ana's Room (5-4-15)

Then, on to the music space to rehash old tunes for an upcoming show next Monday. Ana's been learning the drums. She shows me a few beats she's been practicing. I'm impressed.

Back home again.

Sleep together in my bed.

[i] Images by me.

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