Wednesday May 13 2015

Ladada Recording (May 13 2015)[i]

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In Detroit out in front of a venue. For some reason my white 1986 Oldsmobile (the very first car I owned) is parked on the street. It's assumed I drove it here. Another car drives up attempting to park as close as possible to mine and then proceeds to back into it abruptly on purpose. Their car kind of mashes into mine in an abnormal way that doesn't seem physically possible. I approach the driver's side window to protest. It's some drugged out black guy with long blonde hair. He doesn't waste any time driving off. I try to type in his license plate number into my phone: "HN8-7692"

▬ ○ ☼

Waking up at 11:41 a.m. with heavy after thoughts from my dreams.

Downstairs, Ana left a couple Vegan Chocolate Donuts for me that she got from the Vegan Sweet Tooth Bakery that just opened up in Virginia Beach. I enjoy these with Coffee.

Chocolate Donuts from Ana (May 13 2015)

Ana complained about waking up to a sun burnt face from leaving her blinds open and managed to get the day off from work. She takes me to the chiropractor and observes my session with my doctor. Then, checking out some beach cruiser bikes at Conte's. We're trying to get rid of the Japanese vintage road bike she currently has for a more comfortable ride. Then, to Trader Joe's. Ana must've gotten a high from all that overdose of Vitamin D from the sun cause her personality is extra sunny. There's a moment when I sneeze a couple times. After the first atchoo she says, "Bless you." Then, after the second atchoo she says, "I love you," instead as if those words would have a better effect.

Back home. Preparing myself for a big day of teaching music lessons.

At Music Makers. Feeling an extra boost of teacher energy and keeping my students focused and on point. One of the little boys walks in upset with his dad about not being able to play a 17+ video game. I take on the role of second adult opinion and convince him that it's for the best that he waits to play these kinds of violent games.

Me: "You gotta learn music first!"

He perks up big time and plays through this fun finger exercise he's been learning like a pro.


Seven thirty minute lessons later I'm back home to recuperate. Every day in my life I have this DC Talk song running through my brain: "Time is ticking away, tick, tick, ticking away!" Seriously, time just gets lost in my day-to-day schedule. I don't know where it goes. My schedule is always stacked to the brim.

Onward to a house studio in Norfolk to record with Calum and Josiah. They ordered a couple large nutritious vegetable heavy Pizzas from Cogan's and some tasty Garlic Knots. After chowing down and fueling up with beers we hole up in the basement to record drums for six new songs. We're only focusing on the drum takes but Josiah and I still play bass and guitar to keep it real. Ross, ex-drummer from Mas Y Mas and current guitar player for The Seeers, engineers everything from the attic using Pro Tools. It's a stellar setup they have here in this house. Whenever we're having trouble locking in on the metronome Josiah explains it like this: "Imagine it's just a dude with a wood block."

Ladada Recording Session (May 13 2015)

Basement Cat (May 13 2015)

After the last take on the last song...

Me: "That was a powerhouse session guys!"

Home after having to drop my car off at the shop and ride my bike back.

Sleep 4 a.m.

[i] Images by me.

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