Wednesday September 17 2014

Illustrator Painting. Vasa Mihich.[i]

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I'm with Phil Gray, Ana, and some other friends. We've been put on an artificial tropical island beach landscape that seems to be in a perpetual state of rotation. We have to find a shaded spot in the trees to avoid sunburn. Nothing's real here, not even the trees. I notice a door in the underbrush that leads to a staircase. I encourage everyone to follow. When we reach the bottom we're amazed at what we find: a large auditorium with metallic magenta colored tiles on the walls, almost rainbow like – the ceiling is higher than can be seen. Everything is in pristine condition as if somebody just finished building it. Carefully we walk around. Four pianos set up in a square, each with their own design and sound. A table with information written on brochures that I can't decipher even though it appears to be in English. Is this some kind of a secret society meeting place? It almost seems alien. I look down into a hallway and discover a worker patching up a spot on the floor. He's entirely blue with a bulb-shaped head and no face. After he sees me he lies on the ground in fear.

I assure him, "Don't worry. I'm not gonna harm you. We're just looking around."

Something tells me we're not meant to see this place. I find another door across the hall that leads to the outside. Ana tags along as we run around an artificial town equipped with everything imaginable. Exploring the various buildings. An arcade. A store. A nursery. People are looking for us. We hide in the back of a shower room where I decide this could be a good time to have sex. It works out but when we try to leave we're reprimanded by the chaperones of the strange town.

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Waking up on a palindrome of 12:21 p.m.

Honey Crunch n Oats with Almond Milk and Blueberries. A mediocre Peach.

Watching Teenage (2013).


English Muffin. Potato Chips. Honey Green Tea. Purple Grapes.

Teaching kids piano lessons at Music Makers.

Fruit and Nut Bar.

I'm finding a need to fill up on more calories after teaching and then attempting to workout.

Leftover Ginger Curry Noodles. Banana.

At the Rec Center shooting hoops in the gym. A girl I met before that says she got sick one time after eating China Wok challenges me to a 1-on-1 game. I win 12-9.

Back home. Ana brought ingredients to make dinner. After a joint effort we sit down to eat a nutritious meal of Black Beans with Onions, Broccoli, Carrots, Mushrooms, and Brown Rice/Quinoa. And all to the tune of an old time Mississippi blues record.

I commissioned Ana to create animal notation flash cards for my piano students. She brought them with her. They are the cutest prop thus far I have to help kids learn music.

Animal Notation Flash Cards (September 17 2014)[ii]

Upstairs, we settle down in the bed and watch a documentary called Teenage (2013). It's a wonderfully put together film collage of youth in the 20th century and their role in culture.

I see Ana continuously scratch a spot on her hip.

Me: "What's going on down there?"

Ana: "It itches! I have bites and bruises."

Me: "Bites and bruises. You always have bites and bruises."
Ana: "B & B."

While Ana drifts off to sleep I go downstairs to mash up a peach for tomorrow's pancakes. Skippy and Kevin are at the table sipping beers and shooting the shit. It's always a pleasant surprise to see Skippy. Something happened to him in California – a mind shift – a new perspective. He seems to have gained some wisdom. He mentions to me how glad he is that I have this new teaching job. I explain how busier I've become since. He says something along the lines of this: People who stay productive and busier enjoy their free time more as opposed to people who have more free time and don't stay busy; The idea is that the people with more free time don't use their free time productively.

Me: "Yeah I get that. And that's true. But sometimes I wish I could just wake up with nothing to do. Cause everyday I wake up with a mental to-do list. And if I don't get those things done I've failed."

Joining Ana in bed. A sexual heat reverberates between us.

[i] Illustrator Painting. Vasa Mihich. 
[ii] Animal Notation Flash Cards by Ana.

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