Sunday September 28 2014


Waking up at 11:40 a.m.

Honey Crunch n Oats with Strawberries and Almond Milk.

All day shift at China Wok.


KIND Dark Chocolate Cinnamon Almond Bar.

The deliveries are steady and continuous. There's not much time to think or sit around except at the steering wheel.

Tuna Salad with Tomatoes. Falafel Chips with Hummus. Honey Green Tea.

Every now and then Elliott visits China Wok. Tonight he replaces Ana as my sidekick in the Wok wagon. As usual with anyone that sits in the passenger seat I vent my frustrations and reflections as they come to me – thoughts on moronic drivers, the ignorance of stiffing customers, Halloween plans, etc.

Off work and back home. I find Ana left a grocery bag full of boxed up chocolate chip cookies for my students. It's complete with little music notes drawn on the boxes. Sometimes I wonder if I've already found the perfect girlfriend. 

Tofu with Broccoli, Onions, Carrots, and Rice in Garlic Sauce.

Watching 3 Days to Kill (2014).

Later on I'm supposed to talk with Ana on the phone per her request but she ends up just showing up here at midnight. She had some things she wanted "clarified". It seems kind of out of left field. We go for a walk. She's got her arms crossed in a leather (maybe faux?) jacket. I gobble down two of her Chocolate Chip Cookies. She brings to our attention how much she looks like Uma Thurman from Pulp Fiction with her haircut. To sum it up she wants to know if I keep in touch with my exes. I don't why she's concerned about it but I assure her there's nothing to worry about.

Lingering by her car before she leaves. I embrace her and ask, "So are you clarified like butter?"

Ana: "For now."

She's got such a tender and understanding heart.

Sleep 3:30 a.m.

[i] From Pulp Fiction (1994).

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