Wednesday May 15 2013

Vapor. From Habibi.[i]

☼ ○ ▬

Working at China Wok but it’s a completely different restaurant and location. I walk in to find at least five new drivers. “Who are these people? Why do we need so many drivers? This is ridiculous!” Within minutes I realize why after I look at the counter and see at least 50 orders waiting to be made. Everything is taking forever. I’m confused because the Chinese chefs seem to be closing up shop. I step into the kitchen and try to figure out where the General Tso’s chicken is. There’s already a bunch of strange things in the fryer. “Where is Cecily?” I go in search of her. She’s fiddling around on the phone in another room. I yell at her, “Hey! These orders long time! We need your help!” She helps out. I realize some of the addresses on these orders are too far away. I argue. One of the drivers nonchalantly agrees to take it because it's close to his house. Outside I'm having anxiety about where my car is. It was possibly stolen.

▬ ○ ☼

Waking up just before 2 p.m.

Ana sent me a few grateful texts, “Thank you for letting me use your kitchen, for the painting, for the refreshing bike ride, the park experience. I hope to do all those with you again soon. There always seems to be something simple, exciting, and active with you. That's such an attractive quality. Not only that.. You're very attentive and sweet. Like I said before.. A rare kinda sweetness. Also.. I have noticed you keep saying that you barely know me, and to be honest.. I do feel glad to hear that because it makes me feel like you want to get to know me.  Any activities whatsoever.. I'm always up for! But painting and biking and tennis is definitely on the top of the want-to-continue-to-do-list-of-activities-with-you. :)”

Blueberry Bagel with Non-Dairy Cream Cheese. Orange Juice.


Vegetable & Grain Country Salad with Garlic Bread and Honey Green Tea.

Watching Interview with a Hitman (2012).

Shooting hoops on the courts and jogging on the track field. Basketball daydreams.

Basketball Daydreams (May 15 2013)[ii]

Spicy California, Tuna, and Salmon Sushi Rolls. Broccoli. Mango.

Working out lyrics for a song.

Popcorn. Strawberry Greek Yogurt.

Watching Rain Man (1988).

I finish reading Craig Thompson’s beautifully epic graphic novel Habibi.

In other news, Aysena has decided to undelete me on Facebook and seems to want to communicate again. “I’m really sorry,” she says. “I wanna stay friends no matter what.”

Sleep 4:30 a.m.

[i] From Habibi by Craig Thompson.

[ii] Basketball Daydreams. Image by me.

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