Sunday May 26 2013

Jesus in a Digital Age. David Cherry.[i]

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At a party gathering somewhere. I instigate an impromptu play in front of everyone. I perform as Jesus, dressed in a white robe. It's meant to be a comedy of sorts. In one scene I'm calling out to God because I'm angry at the human race. "God damn it!" I scream. Of course this comes across as goddammit but that's not what I meant. I wanted God to damn all the people. It may not be representative of Jesus's idea of unconditional love but I was upset. Either way the audience laughs at my antics and impersonation of an angry Jesus.

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Waking up to next to Ana with intimate feelings. Her only clothing is a shirt. My hands wander up and down her warm legs. Her hands wander up and down my lower stomach and eventually to the prize. My alarm already went off so our time is limited. After we arise out of bed to get ready to leave I breath a sigh of relief and longing, "Gosh, I'm still in the zone. I don't wanna go to work."

Onion Bagel with Cream Cheese. Orange Juice.

At China Wok for my all day shift.

Within the first few minutes I witness a heated squabble between my bosses. They gibber gabber back and forth in Chinese. It escalates so much that Ling pulls off his chef hat, snags a dollar and some change from the register, and leaves in defeat out the door, I assume to catch a bus home. Then Cecily says to me in her simple words, "People are crazy right now!"

I just smile and ask, "So what's the problem?"

She explains something about the broccoli boxes being stacked too full in the walk-in fridge.

Me: "So all that was just about broccoli?"

Part of me wants to intervene and attempt to bring peace to the situation. It also causes me to wonder about their sex lives. I mean what if that's the source of the problem? A husband and wife, especially as young as they are, should have a poppin' sex life. I feel like if they were satisfied sexually they wouldn't feel the need to be so hard on each other.


I'm more interested in the fact that the word crazy seems to be the theme word of the weekend. First, it was Donald at Denny's warning those cops saying, "There's a lot of crazy people out there!" Then there was last night's full moon and the general chaotic mood and happenings at the house. And then, she says this to me. And not to mention the blog I posted today from last year has a quote in it about psychosis.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Tomato and Hummus. Goldfish Crackers. Mango. Water.

It's another slow day at work. Memorial Day Weekend brings bad business for Chinese food.

During the dinner rush Ana joins me on a few delivery runs. She brought me Green Tea Mochi Ice Cream. She brings up something personal that bothers her from time to time. It doesn't have to do with me or anything but it's something she's reluctant to express, as we're still getting comfortable with each other. At first it was really hard to get it out of her but she's slowly gaining my trust.

I send her an after text, "Hey just so you know I really do think you're beautiful...all over."

Her: "You're very sweet. You're always ooh so very sweet to me, and you always make me blush when i least expect it."

Dried Apricots. Banana.

Off work at a decent hour.

Enjoying Tofu with Broccoli, Onions, Carrots, and Rice in Garlic Sauce.

Watching Mercury Rising (1998).

Practicing some songs at the storage unit.

Sleep 4:30 a.m.

[i] Jesus in a Digital Age. David Cherry.

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