Thursday May 16 2013

VB Alleys (May 16 2013)[i]

Waking up at 12:30 p.m.

Baked Cinnamon Brown Sugar Grapefruit. Cinnamon Oatmeal with Brown Sugar, Bananas, and Milk. Honey Black Tea.

Getting an eye exam at Pearle Vision. It’s been at least 3 or 4 years since my last one and my glasses are losing their endurance.

Grilled Cheese on a Bagel with Hummus and Tomato. Tortilla Chips with Salsa. Lemon Water.

Tomorrow we’re getting all the carpets steam cleaned, something we’ve never done in our residency here. But the living room has to be cleared out so I take it upon myself to give it a thorough cleaning. Amongst the scraps and rubble of mostly Cheerios, popcorn seeds, loose change, beer cans, pens, bottle caps, etc, I find a 2Gb flash drive and somebody’s birth certificate. The flash drive seems to contain papers and essays from school and the birth certificate belongs to someone born in New York. How does one lose their proof of birth under a couch and never think to look for it?


Leslie drops by right when I finish cleaning up. She’s been in the middle of a hectic travel schedule and hasn’t had so much as an ounce of time to see her friends. But here she is. We catch up briefly and fiddle around on the computer, browsing songs.

Shooting up my daily hoops on the Lynnhaven Middle School Courts.

Baked Barbecue Garlic Tilapia with Onions, Peppers, Broccoli, Carrots, and Rice.

Ana comes over with her cool rackety Schwinn vintage beach cruiser. We ride bikes to the beach, meeting up with Elliott. Ana’s a little uneasy on her bike as one of the pedals is locked and she says she doesn’t have a lot of experience biking. But it’s a beautiful night to ride. We take to the boardwalk on the bike lanes and keep going past 40th Street and then along Oceanfront Avenue. We pause in front of The Wyndham hotel on 57th Street.

Elliott: “Have you ever just layed down on Atlantic Avenue?”

Me: “No but I will.”

We lie down on the asphalt knowing the cars in the distance are getting closer.

Me: “Dude, this would be a good photo.”

Accidental Occurence (May 16 2013)

I snap a shot just in time before the cars approach then retreat off the road. One of the cars slows down and turns around up the block. After it passes Elliott and I both realize who it is: Margot. I mean how can you miss that license plate: “MARGOAT”. On instinct we hop on our bikes and jet it across the street. She honks as we disappear into the night. Upon reflection I realize I had nothing to be afraid of. We were only fearful in a sarcastic way.

Me: “My life is so strange. What a small world.”

We keep riding and riding until we stop in an alleyway on 36 ½ Street. Elliott and I have fun with rolling a few huge bulldozer-size tires down the hill.  

We part our ways with Elliott. Ana and I head back towards my house. 

In the bedroom my eyes are puffy and itchy. And both Ana and I have stuffy sneezy noses. Something must’ve been in the air. But I didn’t see any pollen floating about. So here we are pulling out tissue after tissue blowing our noses and dabbing our eyes. I pop open a bottle of sparkling wine. Sipping on sweet bubbly liquid and composing a nasal symphony. She confesses her love for Vick’s vapor rub. We medicate our irritated nostrils with it.


Lying down and cuddling and talking. I’m feeling urges...that are reciprocated. Kissing. Touching. Pleasuring her. I wrap it up and we enter into a sexual outer space. Still learning about the geography of our bodies. At some point I get a bright idea to lubricate myself with the vapor rub. It turns out to be a swell idea. The burning tingling sensation only enhances the experience.

Eventually we settle down to sleep at a late hour. 

[i] Images by me.

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