Wednesday February 20 2013


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We’re back home from Blacksburg. All of a sudden I’m on the clock at China Wok driving the green Ford Windstar minivan I used to own back in the day. Leslie’s in the passenger seat. We almost get into an accident after someone cuts me off. In the moment Leslie grabbed my hand suddenly, I guess to feel safe. Later she hops on top of me making it difficult for me to drive. While on my lap she just watches as I peer my head around her to see the road. For some reason I’m delivering to a new address that’s supposed to be her house but she won’t tell me how to get there. She’s being playfully evasive. Its somewhere on Whitehurst Landing. Driving is useless so I pull over in a driveway.

Leslie confesses, “Sorry I have walls up.”

Me: “It’s okay. I understand. There’s a time in somebody’s life they should keep walls up to protect them. But they should tear them down eventually.”

For some reason I see Stephanie in the driver’s seat and some dude hops into the passenger side. Getting frustrated with all the commotion.

Leslie doesn’t take a liking to all the extra distractions and says, “We’ll talk about this another time when you’re alone.”

Me: “Uh. Okay.”

Then I turn to Stephanie and scold her, “Stef! I have to deliver Chinese food! So get out of the car now.”

Stef: “Ugh. I just need to get to my house.”

Leslie takes off on foot down the street. I catch up to her and yell out, “Hey! I had a fun time.”

Without turning around she mumbles something agreeable.

▬ ○ ☼

Not only is James The Snack Monster but he is also The Snore Box. Early in the morning Leslie and I writhe in our respective sleeping spots while James emits repeated snoring sounds. I bang my baby pillow on his leg to wake him up a few times. He leaves around 10 a.m. after realizing none of us are getting up. I sleep until around noon. 

Leslie and I walk over to Becca’s apartment where she made everyone breakfast.

Scrambled Eggs. Pancakes. Coffee.

Thrift store shopping.

Sitting down in the Goodwill bookstore with Leslie waiting for Becca to finish cutting James’s hair at the salon. Skimming through a $1.50 copy of the Anne Frank diaries. Talking with her about the strange funk she’s currently in. I myself feel somewhat somber and despondent. But it’s a rollercoaster of moods. We overhear an older couple in their mid-50s discuss which books to get their children. The two of us are mildly entertained by their conversation...

Woman: “Look. Wolves.”

Man: “I like wolves. They’re beautiful. But I wouldn’t wanna come up on one. It’s a little like a tornado; you only wanna see it from a distance.”

Then back to the apartment for dinner food.

Leftover Pizza and Lentils.

Engaging in a lot of comical nonsense talk.

Leslie: “I would toss a salad over eating carpet any day.”

Feeling lethargic. Pondering on the chemistry of people and how we all fit in socially. The constant puns and jokes can be exhausting sometimes.

Time to hit the road home. Leslie takes the first shift – driving on 81-N. I facilitate the listening experience on the stereo.


Stop at Sheetz.

Peanut Butter Iced Donut with Marshmallow filling. Apple. Water.

Me: “It was so extreme I had to get it [the donut].”


It’s my turn at the wheel – James in the passenger seat. Pumping out old school pop punk tunes we can all remember from younger times – a musical reminisce without any shame.

Milk Chocolate Bar with Hazelnuts.

Finally arriving in Virginia Beach. Our adventures have concluded. Dropping off Leslie at her home.

“We’re really glad you came with us!”  

I feel a sentimental connection to Leslie that’s had ample time to grow and seems to be growing still. On this trip I was able to gauge certain things about her behavior. It’s friendship in a pure form, one that could potentially become even stronger if allowed enough attention. So well.

Sleep 4 a.m.

[i] Coffee Nightscape. Source unknown.

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