Sunday October 16 2022


Waking up at checkout time from a wonderful night’s sleep. Bus call is noon. Gathering all our things and linking up to the great blue ship.


Breakfast Bar. Tea.


Mike takes the wheel with Jimmy riding shotgun. I sit up in the front row catching up on computer things.


There’s so much room to get up and walk around on this thing whenever you want – one of the perks of this clunky but convenient bus.


At some point I make my way into the driver’s seat – slogging our way up and down the West Virginia mountains – the bus gets real sluggish up these steep inclines – and it’s raining. Meanwhile, Jimmy notices we’ve sprung a leak above the passenger side door. He uses an empty Pringles container and ropes it on the handle.



Carlos takes over after the next gas stop and I climb into the back where the futon is taking a nap.


We continue on through Charlottesville – enjoying our snacks/gas stops.


Finally arriving home – we unload the trailer and clean out the bus.


Back home – unpacking and cleaning up. Elvis is grateful to see me.


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