Saturday October 22 2022

Waking up at 11 a.m.


Breakfast Bar. Tea.


Coaching the adult band at Music Makers with Andrew and Rebecca.


Protein Shake.


Then, we haul all our props and things to the church that the Hunt’s attend for a Broadway dress rehearsal (sort of). We’re not really ready to be running everything from start to finish but this gives us a good idea of what needs work. And we can see everyone in costume.


Pizza break at some point.


We continue on till 7 p.m.


Back at the studio organizing all the things. I stick around to run Joy Division songs. If I sing them every day then the lyrics will stick.


Back home. Cooking dinner for myself: Lentils, Eggs, Quinoa, and Salad.


Napping in my chair.


Catching up on business.


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