Friday October 21 2022

Waking up around noon. I can hear the workers out in the back sawing away. This past month Chanticleer’s been renovating the apartment next door and every morning I have to hear all kinds of racket.


Breakfast Bar. Tea.


Meeting up with my stepdad, Jimmy, and some of his family at Outback for a lunch. Anne and Carl are there, his aunt and uncle. I like hearing some of their stories about how they were high school sweethearts.


Running errands – dropping off a drum set to a student’s house in Bay Colony – picking up pants from the tailor.


Spinach Salad with Tomatoes and Tuna. Bagel. Coffee.

Watching Unsolved Mysteries about a UFO sighting.


Coaching an MMLIVE band rehearsal. Things go pretty smoothly for Alexa’s band.


Then, immediately after we have an ABBA rehearsal but without one of the guitar players and both singers. I invite Rebecca to sit in to help us have vocal references. We mainly focus on structure (beginnings and endings).


Back home. Making a quick dinner for myself: Black Beans, Egg, Kale, Quinoa, and Naan Bread. Meanwhile, Madelaine and Taha got rid of that old cabinet in the kitchen. Rebecca is over here too. We talk and run through lines for Broadway rehearsal tomorrow over Gelato.


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