Thursday April 22 2021


At Music Makers during a usually busy time of day. A 5-year-old boy wants to buy this vintage lamp of mine for $10. I had attached some weird water filter to it. He seems to think he can sell it online for thousands of dollars. While taking it apart and walking it outside to the car I discover he’s getting a ride with Andrea Williamson, a parent we had an issue with in waking life the day before. She’s dressed up nice in all black with some kind of black out contact lenses looking all goth or possessed. We never had the chance to talk yesterday about the problem and so I ask, “Can I talk to you for minute?”

She giggles evilly and offers a dab with her fist but kind of nudges me away. Heading back into the car she lies over her kid, Leland, to hide him from my sight I guess. I go on a tirade about patience and how it’s a virtue – and how her kid needs these piano lessons. They both start laughing in defiance. I don’t know what to do.



Waking up at 11:30 a.m.


Cereal with Blueberries, Banana, and Almond Milk. Tea.


Workout with Vlad at the gym.


Scrambled Eggs. Toast with Butter and Jam. Chips. Coffee.


Teaching lessons at Music Makers.


Ana made us Vegan Burgers with Roasted Potatoes and Brussel Sprouts for dinner.


With Josiah and Bobby at our first ever Ladada practice this year and in quite a while. It feels good to jam with Bobby on the drums and play familiar tunes. We actually have a few shows in the works.


Snacking on Rice Crackers and Grapefruit.


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