Friday April 9 2021


Waking up late afternoon.


Ana and I grab some brunch at Commune – getting our usual, Waffles, Pancakes, and Coffee. Both our plates serve up exceptionally soft and delicious meals today.


Then, checking out the PlantHouse that just opened up across the street – it’s stunning the collection they have. There’s even a station where you can build your own terrariums.


Catching up on all kinds of business at home.


Then, at Music Makers doing some maintenance while Allyson works the front desk.


Running at the gym right up until they close at 9.


Back home. Ana cooks up leftovers for us: Beans, Veggies, Brown Rice, and Cauliflower. Sharing at the table while watching Concrete Cowboy (2021).


Talking with Ana about how we’re gonna do our recently acquired role in Broadway as Aladdin and Jasmine. We try to sing through a little. Then, she gets thrown off at the fact the show is going to be somewhere in Norfolk and says she’s not gonna do it. I always feel helpless when she gets like this – letting something small affect her. I get angry and slam the Tupperware of cookies down on the table breaking the plastic. I’d rather break that than something else. But sometimes I don’t know what to do. She gets so stubborn and relentless. But then again, so am I.


MMLIVE prepping – emails – planning.


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