Friday April 23 2021

Waking up around noon.


Ana makes us Blueberry Waffles for breakfast.


Running errands together – hitting up Target, dropping off post, Whole Foods, and Three Ships.


Back home. Erica comes over and hangs with us.


Eating a Spinach Beet Salad. Banana.


Shooting the basketball around – Ana joins for a bit.


Ana and I meet up with Tristan at Nawab for delicious Indian food.


Later on, we set up the latest Mortal Kombat movie that just came out today. James and Allyson join us.


Ana drifts off to sleep in my bed while I troubleshoot the dryer. It suddenly stopped heating while running. After taking it apart I see there’s a break in the heating coil. So I order a new one on Amazon with an arrival time of tomorrow.


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