Thursday December 3 2020

Waking up around 11:40 a.m.


Oatmeal with Cinnamon, Blueberries, and Almond Milk. Irish Breakfast Tea.


Ana and I go to the gym for a workout with Vlad. He points out the difference my upper body is showing since I started.


Protein Shake.


Scrambled Eggs. Kale. Toast with Butter and Jam. Coffee.


Teaching lessons at Music Makers and working the front desk.


Getting a quick dinner from home. Ana made a big crock pot of Veggie Chili and Naan Bread.


Then, back to the studio for a Band Jam with a couple of students, Luke Rawls and Billy Helps. Luke’s dad hit me up a while back about putting together a harmless no pressure jam session. I immediately thought of Billy. Even though he’s 14 he’s super talented and a quick learner. I hopped on the drums and helped coach the session – playing through a few Black Keys and Chili Peppers songs. Looking forward to including some more members. I’m considering this almost like a house band for Music Makers, something that will develop slowly.


Back home. Ana just got home from a meeting with her band. We catch up on life over Green Tea and treats.


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