Friday December 4 2020

Waking up super late almost near 1 p.m.


Cereal with Blueberries and Almond Milk.


Catching up on business and house chores.


Running errands with Ana – getting groceries.


At Music Makers watching the front desk for a few lessons – taking care of scheduling and other things.


Ana and I drive over to Pink Dinghy for dinner. It starts raining and the heated tent they just put up is crowded. So we bring it home to enjoy over an episode of Ratched (2020).


At the studio recording some acoustic piano tracks for “Songbird”. Tristyn is gonna track some vocals with Lena and Ed the next day and all they need is a piano track to get started. I use this as an opportunity to test out recording this upright piano. It has such a beautiful sound.


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