Saturday December 26 2020


Waking up bright and early off and on until about 10 a.m.  I’m at dad’s house in Goldsboro. Slept in the bed I used to sleep in as a boy.


Nut Protein Bar. Tea.


Dad drives us to the air force base in Goldsboro. I have many memories here growing up and so does he. Even though it’s about 30 degrees cold out we take a walk throughout the base – he shows me his usual route when he does his daily walks. We skirt the edges where the runways are and they keep all the jets. It’s very quiet out here. Chatting with him about things of the past. It’s kind of interesting digging into what happened when him and mom separated. So many different decisions could’ve been made and who knows where I would’ve ended up. Overall, I’m grateful for how things went down cause I wouldn’t be the man I am today if they went any other way.



Shooting some basketball on some courts nearby.


We grab a bite to eat at the bowling alley. There’s quite a few families here along with seniors incessantly playing Bingo. Enjoying an Egg and Cheese Bagel with a Coffee.


Back at his house. With the TV on a college basketball game we both take a nap. It’s nice to just be able to relax without any worries.


We pop open a few bottles of red wine I brought him and go through some old things in the attic. He gives me his army duffle bag with all the gear he used to wear including a gas mask, canteen, and full camo outfit.


Eating leftovers from Christmas dinner. Apple Pie.


Chilling in the living room we talk about various things going on in the world. He tends to lean right in politics but he’s always sensible. Meanwhile, Christmas Vacation is on, the quintessential movie of the season. It never gets old.


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