Saturday December 5 2020

Waking up around noon.


Ana and I meet up with Wanda at First Watch for brunch. We’ve been meaning to do this for a long while. Catching up on events related to my mom from last year. Enjoying Pancakes, Eggs, and Coffee. Some of us get the Morning Meditation drinks (my mom’s favorite).


Doing some stuff at home.


Meeting up with Josiah and Josh at the storage unit for Bamm Bamm practice. Fine tuning all the songs with no pressure of preparing for a show or anything. It’s a good time jamming with these dudes. Snacking on a PB&J and Green Tea. Meanwhile, Josiah orders a pizza from Papa John’s but not without a bit of a comedic complication.


Back home.

Warming up leftovers. Ana and I watch the last episode of Ratched (2020). Grateful that this series is over for us. It was very stirring and emotional but also disturbing in a horror film kind of way. Very well done.


Cleaning up the kitchen. Prepping and pickling things.


Apple Pie.


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