Saturday November 28 2020

Waking up around noon. I rustle up Ana and I to check out the VB Flea and Farmer’s Market over by Three Ships. We never get the opportunity to check these kinds of things out cause by the time we wake up it’s all over.


There’s quite a lot of people (masked up) strolling around from booth to booth – vintage clothes, pottery, and antiques. Nate Sacks and company are playing right out of Igor’s garage. Buying a few t-shirts from Pink Dinghy and Three Ships.


Back home. Enjoying Waffles and Coffee.


Ana and I continue to enjoy our joint days off together. Doing chores around the house – cleaning the downstairs bathroom and some of the upstairs bathroom – vacuuming.


Running errands.


Smoked Salmon Sandwich with Vegan Cream Cheese. Green Tea.


Getting groceries.


Doing more stuff around the house.


Making dinner: BBQ Tempeh with Peppers, Onions, Celery, Green Beans, Carrots, and Rice.

Watching an episode of Ratched (2020).


Cleaning up.


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