Saturday November 14 2020


Waking up around 9:35 a.m.


Cereal with Blueberries and Almond Milk. Irish Breakfast Tea.


Today’s the big day! At Elevation 27 setting up the stage with Devon’s help for the Music Makers LIVE show. For some reason there seems to be a lot more to figure out while sound checking. I’m running around back and forth from all over the place.

Today’s lineup includes Subterranean Cathedrals (adult band), K.E.O.S. (teen band), server name: bread_and_butter (kid band), and a few solo performers.  I’m so proud of every single person up on this stage. They never cease to amaze me. Ana points out how we really put the love into those kids and they put out the best energy.


Not to mention, they upgraded the stage with an LED projector screen. I put together a slideshow of photos and things. It looks so cool. Jordan handles the special effects during the performances.


I realize I haven’t eaten since the morning. Whenever I’m running an event like this there’s no time to think of an appetite. After all is said and done I’m back home about to eat some leftover Spaghetti when I get a call from Ana and her mom. She locked her keys in the car again. She’s been doing that a lot lately. I muster up some energy to drive over even though I’m drained.


Later on, napping in my bed.


It’s Ana’s mom’s birthday. She comes over with Jeremy, Ana’s brother. Having a nice pot of Vegetable Soup for dinner. Sharing conversation and enjoying the camaraderie with Ana’s family. Her mom is so silly all the time. Singing Happy Birthday. I found out today that Jimmy, my stepdad, shares the same year and birth date. I also talked to him earlier today.


Later on, settling down earlier than usual with Ana by my side. I put on one of those “oldies playing another room” videos to lull us to sleep.


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