Friday November 6 2020

Waking up around 11:45 a.m.


Cereal with Blueberries and Almond Milk.


Catching up on business and chores.


Grilled PB&J. Yogurt and Apples. Chips. Coffee.


Coaching the kids band rehearsal. Then, Addy and I have to jet out to the MOCA. Lily Mason in the band I have to give a ride to cause she’s also in the Broadway show.


There at the museum we get everything sound checked while the kids rehearse individual numbers. Then, we do an entire run-through of the Broadway show. It’s a bit stressful keeping everything running smooth and tweaking the levels on the mics and such. But in the end now we know what to look out for tomorrow night with the show.


Eating Pizza that was provided by Carol for everyone.


Back home. Catching up on things. The presidential elections are still keeping everyone waiting for an official win but all projections point towards Biden winning the next president while the mail-in ballots pile in.


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