Monday July 22 2019

Waking up around 8:30 in this modern feel hotel in Farmington, New Mexico. It was the last night on this mini A New World Record weekend of shows. I feel a bit hung over.

Grabbing some decent complimentary breakfast downstairs in the lobby: Oatmeal with Berries and Tea.

We all cram into the two rental vehicles. Some of the crew went their separate ways yesterday. Ron takes the wheel with John in the passenger seat – Kevin, Bri, and I in the backseat. Of course, the New Mexican landscape of cliffs, mountains, and open ranges are constantly catching our attention. Meanwhile, Bri controls the music – musicals and Peaches (a contrasting soundtrack to the surrounding scenery.

At some point a big debate between everyone begins about the future of humanity/earth, over population, and the power of community. What makes it interesting is there are so many opposite viewpoints all in one car – Bri is the optimist – John is the nihilist – Kevin leans towards apathy – and I sit here as a hopeful observer.

Stopping by Blake’s Lotaburger for a quick lunch. It takes longer than expected and for some reason we’re given way too many ketchup packets. We attempt to build a tower. I enjoy an Egg Burrito with spicy Green Chiles and Fries with a Coffee.

Checking into our flights at the Albuquerque airport. Quick connecting flight in Dallas and then we’re back home.

Ana picks me up at the airport. Finally, back home.

All the responsibilities come flowing back to my mind as I reconvene with my mom and her. Major headache but it’s nice to be back home.

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