Thursday April 4 2019


Waking up at 9:08 a.m.

Lara Bar. Earl Grey Tea.

Meeting up with Jonnie, Josiah, and Bobby in Norfolk packing up the old Astro van, aptly named “Miles”, for the little Ladada tour weekend stint.

Josiah takes the wheel with Jonnie at shotgun both frequently holding cigarettes in their hands – Bobby and I comfortably in the back on the futon cooped up with all the gear and bags.


Making one stop along the way at a Starbucks and head shop.

Rolling into Washington D.C. – a diverse mix of CCR, Talking Heads, and Mas Y Mas blaring on the stereo – the Pentagon in sight – the Washington Monument in the distance. Arriving at The Pie Shop, a fairly new place that serves only pies, savory and sweet. The stage/venue on the second floor – cool brick house vibe.

Enjoying some Chicken Pot Pie and Apple Pie.

Hanging out with the Levitation Room guys in the green room and chomping down on pie and sipping on Natty Bo’s. Rick, the sound guy we notice is super hospitable and nice. With the capability of projection on stage we decide to make use of it. Jonnie drops the idea of playing Jodorowsky’s The Holy Mountain up on the screen. I look up a link of the full movie and we start it at just the right spot before the Jesus guy enters the rainbow room. It actually synced up well with our set. Afterwards, a lot of people I talked to thought we designed it that way. The crowd was decent for the small room – audience response was welcoming.

Levitation Room put on a great set with their warm revivalist 60’s psych sound.

After the show chillin’ with the Levitation guys in the alley out back passing around a handle of Evan Williams (the album mascot). I’ve already stopped drinking for the night – a headache creeped in earlier. But I’m enjoying the camaraderie. We make our way down H Street to an English  pub.

At some point Phil Gray lets us crash at his old apartment. The boys venture out to find pizza at a 7-11 and smoke on the rooftop. After a shower I walk out with a towel wrapped around my waist. They guys are all laughing because the lights are low and the glow of the streetlights seeping through the blinds creates this film noir moment. I feel inclined to perform by holding out my arm in a pose then dropping the towel unashamed. The rest of the night I lie down listening to Phil, Josiah, and Jonnie laughing and drinking in the kitchen.


[i] Images by me.

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