Sunday April 7 2019


Waking up on a couch to the sounds of others coughing from morning hits. The sun shines effortlessly through the living room window. Dylan, a friend of ours, let us crash at his place, which happens to be right at the edge of the Richmond city limits.

We all pile into the van packed like sardines a little more this time cause Bianca’s joined the party. After a quick stop at McDonald’s we drive up 95 towards New York City.
Breakfast Bar. Orange. Earl Grey Tea.

Arriving just in time for load in at Brooklyn Brewery.

Grabbing a quick slice at Vinnie’s Pizzeria down the street known for punny artwork and Ninja Turtle décor.

At the show watching locals, Max Pain and the Groovies put out old fashioned rock and roll energy, then Ladada with our pure 30 minute psych surf power pop set, then Levitation Room brings it all home with that 60’s groove. Sipping on some beers using tokens given to us by the venue. I’m a bit tired but towards the end I enjoy the energy of the show.

Afterwards, Bobby gets us all to Second Chance Saloon where he knows a few people. Shooting some pinball for a while – not drinking much. I walk to the van in the rain. Jonnie’s chillin’ in the back. We get into a nice talk about the philosophy of being in a touring band and how when disastrous things happen like a flat tire or something unexpected that’s what makes the experience and sets the memories.

Meeting up with the Levitation boys at a place we keep calling Turkey’s where they sell huge shots and very alcoholic margaritas. A pot bellied guy we lovingly call Joe sits slouched at the bar getting some shuteye – nobody knows his story. We drink a little and shoot some pool. Saying our goodbyes and send each other off with blessings.

Since everyone else is plastered for the most part I drive us through the city to the apartment that Bobby set up for us to crash. We stayed here last time – Brock’s apartment. I plop down on two couch cushions and try to settle down. Meanwhile, Josiah being kind of loud is stuck on a trip investigating where the whiskey bottle is. For some reason it creates quite a stir in him. He stomps down the stairs on a quest to the van. (Little do we know we’ll discover it in Jonnie’s bag the next morning.)

[i] Images by me or Bianca.

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