Monday April 8 2019


Waking up in a Brooklyn apartment on two comfortable couch cushions on the floor. The sounds of the big city echoing through the windows. Josiah, Jonnie, Bobby, Bianca, and I all slowly rise out of our deep NYC slumber.

Eating an Egg and Veggie Burrito from Jessie’s across the street.

Driving up the street on a mission to ship out Levitation Room’s merch, which Josiah for some reason agreed to do for them last night. The funny part is the only packing tape we were able to use at the apartment has the WB symbol and the phrase “BLOW JOBS” all over it. Josiah makes the awkward transaction at the post office that reeks of DMV-like bad moods.

Up the street on Manhattan Avenue we hit up Peter Pan Donuts, my favorite donut place in New York.

Quick stop at the Hudson Yards where they’ve built these futuristic buildings and expensive lofts meant for billionaires. Then, Bobby drives us out of the city and south towards home.

I stay cooped up in the back seat reflecting on the weekend and organizing photos/videos. Josiah and Bianca create an upside down spoon and nap. Bobby continues driving while Jonnie continues deejaying.

Snacking on Cashews, Plantain Chips, and an Apple.

Arriving at Dylan’s house in Richmond briefly to drop off Bianca to her car. I’m able to grab a mason jar of Earl Grey Tea on the go so I can take the wheel for the home stretch to Norfolk. Jonnie and I have a great conversation about relationships and all the events that led him to joining the band. It’s been one year since he played his first show with us.

In Norfolk. Ana picks me up and we start the process of loading gear and things to their respective places. I catch up with her on the tour.

Settling back home. Enjoying a nice hot shower.

[i] Images by me.

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