Friday April 5 2019


Around 8:30 or 9 a.m. we all wake up in Phil’s studio apartment. We discover via email that the First Fridays show has been cancelled due to inclement weather, which means we don’t have to leave so early now. Some of us drop back to sleep and others venture off.

It’s a wonderfully chilly and rainy day as we slog through DC city traffic. Dropping off Phil at his new apartment. I help him move a couple tubs of CD’s and personal things. It was nice seeing him.

Onward we go in route to home. Stop at a McDonald’s for brunch. I chomp down on a breakfast bar and sip on Earl Grey Tea.


Because of the event cancellation we decide to move the show to Charlie’s. Between the four of us we start tapping on our phones to spread the word about the show.

Bobby and I switch spots at some point so I can lie down and nap. Meanwhile, we cross the Monitor Merrimac tunnel and into Norfolk. We depart ways with the van/band until tonight.

Back home. Warming up some leftovers for dinner. Ana gets off work and we discover the cat is absolutely nowhere to be found. It’s very strange cause he’ll usually be walking about when we’re both home. The whole thing is unsettling cause we sense he’s gotten outside somehow. I start searching around the neighborhood while the rain is consistently pattering down. Mom comes home and we suddenly hear Elvis meowing out back. We find him hiding between two cinder blocks right next to our back patio. We figure he got out when mom briefly opened the back door to inspect a racket from the birds.

At Charlie’s for the show. We wanted to make it a worthwhile trip for Levitation Room and we got a decent turnout of people here. We put on a great show. They put on a great show. Well done.

Outside when putting some stuff in the van I notice the floor of the van is wet and there’s a leak whenever it rains. I’ve tried to tell Josiah about this before when it soaked the bottom of our futon mattress and now it’s done it again. Sometimes he tends to brush things off so nonchalant and it bothers me. Having a leak in the band van with our gear and stuff at risk of being damaged by water is a real problem. We get into an argument about it. I could care less about the futon itself – I just want the band to have a successful tour without having to worry about things of ours getting soaked. He’s stubborn. I’m stubborn. It’s another unsettling moment of the day where I’m feeling flustered and without solution.

Back home. Settling down. Something else happens between Ana and I – an emotional debacle. And thus, the third unsettling moment of the day. I just feel so out of control.

Later, in my room. Ana lies down snapping photos of the cat in the cupboard. In response to all the turmoil today I say to her, “I just want things to go smoothly. I wanna be understood. I don’t wanna be misunderstood.”

[i] Images by me.

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