Friday November 23 2018


Waking up in a cabin in the middle of the mountains. The view from our window is enough to excite Ana, mom, and I.

Sharing Oatmeal (without cinnamon cause I forgot to bring it) with Maple Syrup, Strawberries, and Almond Milk. Coffee.

Across the street from our cabin is Crabtree Falls with a moderate but steep hiking trail. We drive down there and start our trek. The temperature is somewhere in the 30’s cause our noses are running and fingertips freezing. Only 500 feet and we can catch a wondrous sight of the lower falls. Mom stands there in amazement. She remembers being here many years ago with my late sister, Dana, riding on her back. She starts crying happy tears, feeling so grateful to be here witnessing this beauty of nature. She worries she won’t get the chance to see things like this in her older age anymore.

Because of the strenuous parts of the trail mom only goes to a certain point but Ana and I brave it up to the very top where the sun is shining brightly. This being one of the tallest waterfalls in America it’s quite a sight. Other families and groups of people are enjoying the overlook and feeling the reward of their hard work.

Lunch break ­at the cabin: Peanut Butter Toast. Pineapple with Yogurt. Green Tea.

Afterward, we decide to venture out onto the long and winding mountainous roads in search of an orchard and a store. We spot a pumpkin patch and some grazing black cows with white faces and their calves kicking and running around.

We spot an interesting place called The Tea Room that appears to be a rundown convenience store of some kind. There’s a one armed man working on an old pick-up truck.

“What’d y’all need?”

 He offers to help us out. The lady that runs the store is off for the day. Inside, it looks like an old general country store. We grab a dozen eggs and an onion and try to give him some cash but he refuses and says, “Don’t even worry about it. Merry Christmas!”

As we’re about to leave he walks back to his hut and fills up some bags with more onions, the biggest carrots you’ve ever seen, and a spaghetti squash. What a blessing.

Back at the cabin. Mom puts together a homemade stew using Cabbage, Carrots, and Onions. Hard boiling some eggs to go with and warming up some Rolls. Mother’s Mountain Stew we call it. Sitting around the table loving the atmosphere – candles lit – glasses of Rose Wine.

After dinner Ana and I make a fire in the fire pit with split logs and kindling twigs/leaves. Mom joins us. Between playing some jams on acoustic guitar and the djembe we reflect and share all the things we’re thankful for. Mom talks about how she’s grateful to be here with us having this rejuvenating time and how she feels safe.

These moments here in the mountains and in general are something precious we should hold onto. We will need them later in life.

I drop some water on the fire and we all hole up in the cabin eating pie and watching Won’t You Be My Neighbor? (2018), the Mister Rogers documentary, which has us all tearing up with inspiration and feeling super warm inside.

After mom goes off to bed I sit on the iPad and edit today’s video footage, to which there is a lot of. Later, I encourage Ana and I to sneak downstairs in the lounge room and make love.

[i] Images by me.

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