Friday May 5 2017



I’m in the military and stationed in some country in the Middle East, not sure where but it’s the most hostile part. Most of the locals are friendly and neutral to our presence but sprinkled throughout town are rebel fighters ready to shoot at us any moment of the day. I stay guarded and do my job. It’s understood a bomb will be set off in a coffee shop. My mom is here for some reason. I escort her around back and we try to escape before its set to go off. For some reason it’s snowing and ice covers the roads. A snowmobile approaches. They’re friendlies so I get my mom safely inside and they drive off leaving me behind. I find a golf cart and start heading out of town hoping no one spots me.


Waking up at 11:15 a.m.

Honey Crunch n Oats with Strawberries and Almond Milk. Black Tea.

Teaching a lesson.

Picking up my car.

Toasted PB&J. Potato Chips. Honey Green Tea.

Watching Halt And Catch Fire (2015).

Out teaching in-home lessons.

Fuji Apple.

Noticing huge improvements in the majority of my students. They learn so fast!

Back home.

Barbecue Salmon with Brussel Sprouts, Carrots, Onions, and Basmati Rice. Pineapple Juice.

Running a few night errands. Turns out my car is back to square one with the air blower/speedometer/power window problem.

Talenti Ice Cream.

Practicing piano at the studio. Ana meets me here later on and we explore some harmonies. At one point we get a little frustrated at each other over hitting the high vocal part in the beginning of “Bohemian Rhapsody”. I turn into harsh teacher mode. When all is said and done she explains that she had a bad day at work.

Dropping off my car again to the shop.

Sleep 3:30 a.m.

[i] From Halt And Catch Fire.

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