Wednesday June 29 2016


Waking to Ana jumping on top of me.

"Get up!" she commands. "The waffles are done!"

Downstairs enjoying fresh homemade Blueberry Oat Waffles with Greek Yogurt and Coffee. Mom explains her understanding of true love and how important it is to know what brokenness feels like to help others heal.

Running a few errands. Catching up on business.

Taking my mom and Ana to Norfolk. Ana and I have a DEJA Wall show at the Granby Theater tonight with Strictly Bizzness. Like we did at MOCA back in February we're performing Pink Floyd's entire movie, The Wall, live. And the other band is doing a Prince tribute. Stress levels are high between the band as we sort out technical difficulties on stage. We're fortunate enough to do an entire run through for sound check.

Afterwards, with my mom and Ana, we walk next door to enjoy nutritious Rice Bowls and Orange Vodka Slushies at Field Guide.

Back next door at the venue. It's show time!

The whole set went smoothly and almost flawlessly. I felt the energy and I can witness the audience feeling the energy too.


After introducing everyone on stage John announces into the mic, "We should be tearing down walls not building my opinion," which is a very appropriate thing to say in light of the current political situation and in reference to the symbolism and themes of the movie.

Then, they remove the chairs and open up the dance floor for Strictly Bizzness. The lead singer takes control of the microphone and manifests the spirit of the Artist Formerly Known As (Prince)...

Back home. Sharing PB&J Toast with Ana while we jump on the mini trampoline in the kitchen.

Sleep 3 a.m.

[i] Images by me.

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