Sunday June 12 2016


Waking up sometime late after noon.

Bianca, Josiah, Bobby, and I pack up and head out to Bedford Ave and walk around in search of some grub. A little café called BeeHive Oven catches our eye.

I choose the Boot Strap Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs, Grits, Bacon, Biscuit and Jam, and Orange Juice.

As we walk back to the van I ponder about my weekend here. Feeling unfulfilled. But not unfulfilled about the music I perform with my boys. I love traveling, touring, playing in bands, and being in new places. I'm just scared about taking over Music Makers back home. I still entertain the idea of just up and moving somewhere else. Not teaching. Just writing music.

We hit the road, starting off on The BQE, I take the wheel and bear the traffic.

Stopping at an exit off the New Jersey Turnpike. I need something cold and fresh, maybe coffee, but not just water. This damn place is crowded with Anybody Americans. Unless I want a sugary drink from the convenience store then Starbucks it is. The wait line is long but I grab my Iced Coffee black and make it back to the van.

Josiah has a vision of eating a hotdog. And thus we find a hole-in-the-wall place called The Doghouse. I snack on Potato Chips with an Avocado and Peanuts instead of hotdogs.

Bobby takes the wheel and leads us home along the Eastern Shore.

Entertaining ourselves with the new release of our friend's project Reptile Tile. It has a whopping total of 134 tracks, which is a ridiculous amount of songs for one album.

Finally arriving home some time after midnight. Settling into my hot and steamy home (A/C never works).

Chamomile Tea. Ana slips into my bed just before 3 a.m. When I join our embrace is warm and sexual feelings are unavoidable.

[i] Images by me.

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