Saturday May 28 2016

Lava Fest (May 28 2016) (1)*

Waking up at 10:40 a.m.

Steel Cut Oatmeal with Cinnamon, Maple Syrup, Raisins, and Kefir. Yerba Mate Tea.

Ana and I drive out to Norfolk for the annual Lava Fest at O'Conner's Brewery – right next to the railroad tracks in the middle of the warehouse district. Ladada is on the bill. We go on right at 2 pm. It's a short 25 minute set but a powerhouse collection of songs including a new tune. Afterwards, we hang with all our friends, eat, walk around, sit down, watch the other bands including Natalie Prass, a 757 native whom Josiah and I know from way back in the day. We're proud to see someone from here "make it" in music. She always had such a distinct and talented voice.

Ladada - Lava Fest (May 28 2016) (1)*

Ladada - Lava Fest (May 28 2016) (2)*

Ladada Setting Up at Lava Fest (May 28 2016) (Photo by Bobby)*

Ladada - Lava Fest - Craig Zirpolo (May 28 2016) (1)

Ladada - Lava Fest - Craig Zirpolo (May 28 2016) (5)

Ladada - Lava Fest - Craig Zirpolo (May 28 2016) (2)

Fish Tacos with Fries and a brew. 

Ana and I leave the grounds to find smoothies and get a break from the scorching sun. On Colley Avenue I grab a Strawberry smoothie from Strawberry Fields.

Selfie - Lava Fest (May 28 2016)*

Later on, talking with Ana about how much I love performing and being in this kind of concert atmosphere. It's what I used to do with Mae all those years. I don't just wanna teach music but want to create and perform it. Whenever I attend events like this it just reminds me again what I really want.

Lava Fest (May 28 2016) (2)*

We arrive back to the festival and nap in the car. The No BS! Brass Band wakes us up with their raucous horns and drums.

Then, Charles Bradley (and his Extraordinaires). We heard about this 63-year old guy who used to impersonate James Brown back in the day. He's full of "soul", the authentic kind. It's like stepping into a time machine when watching him with his flashy sequins and suit attire. He gyrates and spreads out his arms – a big smile and joy seems permanently imprinted on his face – grabs the microphone stand and carries it like a cross.

"Y'all wanna go to church?" he asks the crowd. "Well I'm gonna take you there!"

Charles Bradley - Lava Fest (May 28 2016)*

Charles Bradley - Lava Fest - Craig Zirpolo (May 28 2016) (3)

Charles Bradley - Lava Fest - Craig Zirpolo (May 28 2016) (4)

Before his last song he gives an inspirational speech about unity talking about red, white, and yellow roses.

"But don't forget about the black rose," he says with conviction. "I wish we could all come together and make a beautiful bouquet! No hate. No race. Just love, love, love."

It really is like we're at church cause it feels like an altar call especially with that Hammond organ resonating in the background. After the set is over he walks down the steps and greets everybody in the front with hugs and words of encouragement to all. As Ana points out, he's like a grandpa, a soul papa!

And then a complete u-turn of genres on the other stage: Dan Deacon, a vocoder shoutin' deejay with an Animal Collective sound but much more dancey. He corrals everyone to form a dance circle and get crazy.

Dan Deacon at Lava Fest (May 28 2016)*

Ana and I call it a night during Minus the Bear's headlining performance. Back home making a quick Pizza or dinner.

Chamomile Tea.

Sleep 3:30 a.m.

[*] Images by me. 
[†] Images by Craig Zirpolo.

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