Tuesday January 6 2015


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At the chiropractor's office. After I get adjusted the doctor leaves the room. I notice strange yellow spots in the corner. As I look closer I see slimy yellow slugs, some big and some small, oozing alongside a soy sauce bucket and all over the carpet nearby. I grab one of the female assistants and show her this phenomenon. I try to take a couple close-up pictures with my phone. Groups of them are diving headfirst into the carpet fibers with their tails wiggling out in the air. It's the funniest thing. I accidentally smush some of the tiny ones with my leg.

Me: "Oh no! I didn’t mean to."

▬ ○ ☼

Waking up pretty late at 12:51 p.m. Guess I needed the extra sleep.

Irish Oatmeal with Cinnamon, Maca Powder, Maple Syrup, Chia Seeds, Blueberries, and Almond Milk. Coffee with Cream and Honey.

Business. Organizing.

PB&J. Banana. Orange Juice.

Teaching a couple piano lessons at Music Makers.

Back home awaiting a call from China Wok – I was told by Cecily to make myself available if they needed me. In the meantime, I install a doorknob on Ana's bedroom door.

At The Escape working out. Ana joins up later. Lately, she's been a "sour pot" as I call it, or rather just plain irritable. She admits it. We both think it's from the stress of moving out of her mom's house and adapting to a new living environment.

Back at the house. While she showers I cook us dinner: Salmon, Black Beans, Broccoli, Carrots, and Quinoa.

We drive out to her mom's house to retrieve her queen size bed along with other things she left there. Her mom greets us and has already uninstalled the bed frame with the bed ready by the door. I throw everything on top of my station wagon – I've always been grateful for my car cause I can haul most anything a truck can haul by just strapping on the roof. It's very efficient.

Home for the final time. After some difficulty we manage to get the awkwardly oversized bed up the stairs. It required me to move some pictures off the wall and scoot bookshelves out of the way. In the process of lugging other things Ana hurts her left hand by scraping it on the side of a small bookshelf near the TV tower. I mend her wound with purple pro wrap.


Later on, just as Ana's getting settled in her own bed, Kevin comes stumbling into the house and marches up the stairs with a full glass of ice water (spilling drops everywhere possible). Despite Ana's disapproval Kevin plops down on her bed with an obnoxious "Ahhhh!"

Ana: "Kevin, get off my bed!"

She's very particular about smells and Kevin reeks of alcohol and cigarette smoke. He apologizes with drunken sincerity. I watch as he trips over his own feet and falls flat on his face in the hallway. After getting up he tips over his bedroom door landing on the entertainment center breaking the top shelf – he might've broken his back also; I'm not sure.

Me: "Are you going to be alright, Kevin?"

I place the ice water by his bedside and wish him luck.

Sleep 4 a.m.

[i] Banana slug.

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