Friday January 9 2015

Richmond Graffiti Alley (January 9 2015)[i]

At 7:13 I awaken naturally to check my phone.

Rousing Ana, "Ana. It's 7:15!"

Our plan was to be leaving the house by 7 a.m. We scramble to get our clothes on. Luckily, I set a timer on the coffee machine and a hot brew is ready. Ana takes the wheel of her car, while I relax in the passenger seat, and onward to Richmond we go.

Nibbling on Ana's Chocolate Protein Balls and sipping on Coffee with Cream and Honey.

Arriving at the VCU School of Dentistry just on time, maybe a couple minutes late. She drops me off and goes to hang out with a friend of hers at a coffee shop. I check in on the second floor. John White, my student dentist from last time, sees me to do a couple composite fillings on my teeth. Once my upper right side mouth is slathered with anesthetic the high-pitched drills are no bother to me. The only uncomfortable thing about the whole experience is the saliva and excess water that builds up sometimes and then having to request that suction mechanism to suck it all up. The jaw gets sore from staying open so long.

Afterwards, Ana scoops me up outside. While in route to a café we get stuck at a small unmanned toll booth scrounging the car for 35 cents while the impatient line of cars persistently honk at us. Somehow we manage to find 35 cents worth of pennies and move along. I mean, what if we didn't have the money at all? I guess we would just drive off and wait for the bill. Either way, it was a minor stressful situation for Ana and I.

At 821 Café sitting on bar stools enjoying a delicious brunch: Tofu Scramble, Rosemary Potatoes, Everything Bagel with Cream Cheese, Nutella-stuffed French Toast, and Green Tea. We notice Vincent, a friend of ours, washing dishes in the back. Family Feud on the television.

Me: "I can't believe this show is still running!"

Of course, no trip to Richmond is complete without visiting Diversity Thrift, a mega sized thrift store no doubt. We spend a good hour inside collecting new kitchenware, binders, chairs, dishtowels, and blankets.

Grabbing a refreshing drink before we hit the road back to Virginia Beach. I take the wheel this time even though I'm terribly exhausted from having to get up so early this morning. Snacking on a Pear, Potato Chips, and sipping on Iced Black Tea.

Ana: "Who annoys you more, Kevin or me?"

Me: "I'd say 95% Kevin and 5% you."

In disbelief at how low the figure is on her she exclaims, "No!"

With a huge smile I correct myself, "Okay, maybe 90% Kevin and 10% you."

Arriving to town just in time to meet at Music Makers for an hour-long voice lesson.

Filling up our water jugs and getting some groceries Ana wanted from Whole Foods.

Back home. Ana cooks us a starch-less dinner: Sprouted Mung Beans with Kale, Broccoli, and Carrots.

Me: "It tastes like it just came out of the earth. This is delicious."

Sharing Dark Chocolate afterwards of course.

We got our "kale energy" now as Ana describes it. We play around in her bedroom – kickboxing moves – jumping on the bed – doing stretches. Kevin makes a brief appearance and shows us how to throw a punch properly.

Putting on a new record called Hot Rod Jazz we got from the thrift store – big 60's orchestra sound. Getting naked – humping – thumping – grinding. Hearty sexy time.

Sleep 1:30 a.m.

[i] Image by me.

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