Wednesday January 29 2014

China Wok Snow Mounds (Jan 29 2014)[i]

Waking up to a harsh knock on the bedroom door. Ana answers. It's Kevin. He's sick as a dog and needs me to cover his shift today. I remember hearing somebody dry heaving in the bathroom earlier. I'm reluctant because I really wanted to have a fun snow day with Ana and friends. But I have to rise up to my duty.

Strawberry Honey Bunches of Oats with Almond Milk.

All day shift at China Wok.

Winter Storm Leon arrived in our sleep last night. The snow has fallen about 12 inches. I had to spend some extra time clearing off the tons of snow on my car.


On the down time I walk over to Bangkok Garden where Ana, Josh, and Aj are having lunch. Ana saved me a big platter of Vegetable Pad Thai and Spring Rolls. Reflections over Darren's agro episode last night – I was the last one to listen to him.

The style of driving today is slow and steady – don't go over 35 mph – don't come to a complete stop at heavy patches of snow otherwise get stuck, rather plow through it – don't drive too close to neighbor cars – stay on well-tracked road. The delivery time is doubled because of these conditions. The sight of kids sliding down the steep hills with boogie boards makes me a little jealous.

Dark Chocolate Powerberries.

Delivering an order to Sandyville Court. I notice a marking in the snow. It says "Gay J" with an arrow pointing to the customer's apartment. A guy answers the door. Right away I ask, "Does a gay Jay live here?"

Immediately he laughs hysterically and tells his buddies what just happened including a roommate named Jay.

Guy: "That deserves ten dollars!"

And right there I receive a $10 tip.

A stick of overcooked Chicken Teriyaki.

Slogging through the white ice deep into the night. At a house off Credle Road. I notice icicles frozen straight over the imitation icicle Christmas lights hung above the customer's porch.

I comment to him, "Your icicle lights blend in with the real icicles."

"Ain't that some shit?" he responds.


Finally home. I walk in and discover all the roommates in their own rooms/zones. Quiet. Supreme silence. It's strange. I guess the heavy snow created a hibernation effect on everyone. Even Darren in the living room isn't making any sounds or drinking or anything. My door is locked. I knock. Ana answers with a big warm smile on her face. She tells me it's been like this for the better part of the day. Even she stayed holed up my room reading, playing guitar, and doing yoga.

A cup of Vegetable and Rice Soup.

Settling down in the bed with Ana. She's coughing every 30 seconds so it's hard to sleep but eventually I incorporate this sound into my dreams.

[i] All images by me.

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