Thursday September 27 2012


Unsettling dreams with scenarios where Aysena has to depart and leave me all alone.

Waking up on the couch. Ays says to me, “It’s fifteen till ten! Wake up!” I feel more rested compared to yesterday. She hops next to me on the couch offering sweet affections – tickling my face with her long flowing black hair – nuzzling my neck. “So sweet,” she mutters. Ten minutes go by. “I can’t stop,” she declares. She can’t stop tending to me. I hold onto her tightly. The rest of the apartment is empty, all the roommates gone. Just her and I. It seems appropriate to instigate a lovemaking session right here on this couch. Mmm...oh wonderful blessed union of souls.

Banana. Orange Juice.

We start out again on another adventure in New York. At some point after we got off the train I navigate us in the wrong direction causing us to ride around on our scooters longer than we should have. Semi-stressful moments. Eventually we locate Brooklyn Mac and enjoy specialty Mac N Cheese dishes. Then, around the corner to Peter Pan for Coffee and Donuts. It’s become our favorite place. Sitting down at the bar stools. I drop my head for a moment and stare off into space. She notices my brooding. Part of it has to do with the fact that Margot has been calling and texting me non-stop. I refused to respond because she’s acting crazy. Ays knows that she is my ex-girlfriend. She thinks I’m thinking about her in this moment and really it’s just a combination of things, the changes happening before my eyes.

Ays: “Do you trust me?”

We start talking about real stuff, the grit and grime of the fact that she will be in Moscow and I will be in Virginia Beach. There seems to be a mutual understanding of flow, and an understanding that this is a unique relationship and should be treated as such.

At the Buffalo Exchange on Driggs Avenue perusing through clothes and shoes. Playing dress-up is fun. We both walk out with exceptional finds.

We traverse to Manhattan and find the big field in Central Park. I join in on Frisbee with strangers while she fiddles on her iPad. We play together and enjoy the beautiful atmosphere. The inevitable doom of our separation is coming...I’m leaving her tomorrow to go back to Virginia Beach and she’ll stay until Monday. She mentions her concern through sad faces and cute remarks.

Ays: “I’m gonna be drinking coffee in café talking with somebody else, I had love and it changed my life.”

It turns dark. At Times Square. Standing in the middle of a pop culture mecca. With the light coming from all the advertisements you’d think the sun was up. Observing all the awestruck tourists, just like us.

Picking up a few Pizza slices from a joint in Little Italy.

Grand Central Station.

Continuing on our scooters, my feet heavy and sore. Ays loses one of her contacts and needs to borrow my glasses periodically to see.

Back in Brooklyn. I discover a small park down by the river where we’re offered a panoramic view of the city lights in Manhattan, the Williamsburg Bridge just five blocks away.

Down the street we meet up with Nathan and Ryan at Death By Audio to catch a show. It’s a medium sized warehouse space packed to the brim with Brooklyn hipsters. The bands, to which I’ve never heard of before, provide a trippy dancy hypnotizing sound and beat – a small group modestly dancing. Sipping on PBR’s and smoking a clove. Ays and I sit in the lounge room during the transition of bands. She points out the narcissistic fashion trend and how “everybody here thinks about themself.” 

The show is finished. After playing a humorous game of guessing a stranger’s name we walk out towards Bedford Avenue. I glance down at the ground and discover a wet $20 bill plastered to the curb. All of us are amazed. Waiting in the subway station to take the L train but there’s a delay of about 25 minutes.

Back at the apartment. An old musician friend of Nathan and Ryan’s is here.

Snacking on Salt n Vinegar Chips.

Nathan kindly offers his bed to Aysena and me. We accept and call it an early night at around 2 a.m.

[i] All images by Aysena or me.

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