Wednesday August 15 2012


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I’m co-starring in a low budget indie film with Michelle Williams as the main star. We’re doing a rough rehearsal of all the scenes without the camera rolling. I’m standing in the kitchen of 1435 in character. Michelle is sitting in the dining room acting despondent. She has a daughter that is currently being cared for by a babysitter. The conversation is light until the topic of her kid comes up.  

Me: “Look, just because you don’t give a shit about yourself doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give a shit about your kid!”

I’m supposed to be her best friend. The scene is over. Discussing it with her. I ask her for tips on how to act like I’m listening in conversation. She misinterprets my questions as making a pass on her and responds with something along the lines of, “I’m already married.”


This movie is meant to be improvised. But I ask out loud to the crew, “Is there a script?” Everybody laughs.

▬ ○ ☼

Waking up around 1 p.m.


Double Egg Sandwich with Mayonnaise and Tomato. Salt n Vinegar Chips. Honey Green Tea.

Watching God Bless America (2011).

Catching up on writing and business affairs.

Cooking up a soup from scratch: White Bean Soup with Mixed Vegetables.


At the card table with Darren and Anthony discussing job affairs, mainly ones related to China Wok.


Anthony challenges me in a game of NBA Jam on Sega Genesis. Darren and Devon lie on the couch and become spectators. It turns into a team game of Streets of Rage 2.

Me: “This is nostalgic for me. This game was a major influence on my life as a teenager.”

Anthony dies in the middle and I’m left to go solo. I pummel through the punks and villains. Stage 8. The last level. My hands are shaking. I’m old times. I have only a minimal amount of life left. It keeps dwindling the more I play. I’ve reached the final boss’s lair. Mr. X. I give it my all but unfortunately I die. Game Over. If my life bar was just a tad bit fuller I could’ve won.

Me: “Dude I was so close! He only had a little bit of life left.”

Darren: “That’s deep.”


Anthony hooks up the Toy Story game. We all watch and heckle his game tactics.

“Use the string!”

“Watch the sharks. C’mon, man!”

Anthony: “Alright! Everyone’s a critic and I’m the gladiator of the arena, okay.”


A folder of Kevin’s old poetry is found. Darren confidently reads excerpts out loud for our entertainment. Some of it is ridiculously written and becomes a laughing stock but also incites some pondering into who Kevin really is on the inside. Calum, using the words as inspiration, creates a piece on Sega Art on the TV screen.

Pluot. Peach. Chocolate.

Settling down.

Sleep 4:30 a.m.

[i] Sega Art by Calum.

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