Friday August 24 2012


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Sleeping next to Aysena inside an old 70’s van on the property of a boarding house it’s understood she’s been living at. The scene switches to her and I falling high in the sky...just falling farther and farther down. It seems like an endless plummet. I can see cities built in the air – buildings perched on clouds – sky citizens soaring around in a busy hustle – a whole other life up in the sky – kind of like the legend on the city of Atlantis underwater but this world is in the atmosphere. We continue falling, not feeling the force until...BAM! We hit a certain point on a low altitude and our drop speed increases dramatically. Down to the ground.  

▬ ○ ☼

Breathing heavily as I wake up sometime after 9 a.m. I hear myself snoring. Aysena nudges me in the chest to stop my noises, maybe by accident. I can’t tell. I sleep sporadically while Ays reads from the pile of magazines on my desk.


I wake up completely, eventually. She mistakes the word snoring for a made up word, snoozering.

Me: “Haha. Snoozering. I like this word better. You should use this word instead.”


Making love multiple times – two or three or maybe three and a half times. How can this be? I don’t know. We’re both tapped in this passionate fire. I don’t know how to tame it. Succulent is the proper word to describe her lips on mine. Our tongues. Face nibbling into neck. We are animals – cute creatures of the woodlands cuddling and tumbling in a meadow. This is as intense as it can get. I can honestly say I am in deeply in it. It’s unique and there is still so much to learn. And we both know this will come to a halt very soon when she leaves for another year at school in Moscow.


Lying around...naked. She laughs at the resemblance my penis has to a mushroom, “It’s like mushroom!”

“Yeah. It’s a wild mushroom,” I point to the picture of a forest stuck on the wall right above us, “from this forest.”

Sharing some Scrambled Eggs and Honey Green Tea. Then, enjoying French Fries at Five Guys.

Her: “Scrambled eggs smells like wild mushroom semen.”

Me: “Ha. Ha.”

Driving her home to Shore Drive. 99.3 FM tuned in. Pretending with enthusiasm to be in love like we’re in the 1930’s when love was the only thing you had.

My accent shifts around from French to southern to whatever sounds theatric, “Oh darling! This is our song! C’mere and kiss me!”

This is a good moment.

She’s gone now. I’m alone in my room. I’m exhausted and therefore retire to a forty-minute nap at six o’clock.


Wake up. Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups. Honey Green Tea. It’s been a passionate last two days and I need to recuperate.

A few days ago Richie accidentally sat on Kevin’s violin, the violin he’s been playing for thirteen years. It was a detrimentally sad moment for all. But Calum comes over bearing a gift: a new violin. Anthony and I set up a Blue’s Clues style scavenger hunt for Kevin when he gets home that will lead him to the new violin.


Anthony drives Calum and I to pick up Kelley at the thrift store and stop by Kmart. Anthony swerves around the corner and Calum cries out comically, “Don’t kill me. I’m in the prime of my life. I have so many things left to do. I’m so beautiful!”


At Kmart.

Me: “She does have an attractive quality that draws guys in. She’s like a spider.”

Anthony: “You guys talking about Jessa Potter? A siren you idiot, not a spider. What are you talking about?”

Calum: “You spelt it wrong.”

Me: “Haha. You spelt spider wrong.”


Kmart has a reputation for causing unnecessary wait times and complications. But this time I went through the line with my products without complications. Now I’m waiting with Calum, Anthony, and Kelley in front of the in-store Litter Caesar’s while a lady in a motor cart takes forever to order. Anthony notices my impatience and gives me a reality check, “Did you think you could really get out of here without waiting in a line. You’re just like Jonah when he tried to escape the Lord’s will for him. Wouldn’t go to Nineveh, dude.”

Me: “Haha. He wouldn’t go back and...”

Anthony: “Yeah and do what you’re supposed to do. This is what’s happening right now. This is the belly of the fish.”

Back home.

Spaghetti with Onions, Mushrooms, and Green Peppers in Tomato Basil Sauce. Garlic Bread.  Bohemian Lager.

Jamming in the dining room – Calum on bass and I on electric guitar. A slam at the front door breaks our musical concentration. It’s Darren and he’s infuriated after working a full day shift at China Wok. He throws his keys into the living and yells and yells and yells – venting about these black people that stiffed him and allegedly stole all his cash out of the car.

Kevin and Richie walk in. Kevin is pleased to find a new violin waiting for him in his bed.

Peach. Coconut Water.

Watching The Entitled (2011).

Sleep 4 a.m.

[i] City in the Sky. Derrick (DFaria).

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