Thursday August 23 2012


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Hanging out with a few friends in a public setting. A cute girl approaches us with a proposition. She’s looking for a sexual partner to test out a new brand of condom. I’m eyed at. In the back of my mind I’m thinking this is a joke or a prank. I ponder for a few seconds then reply, “Hm. I’ll do it.”

The girl seems pleased. We go on a hunt for a location. Apparently we’re required to do this thing while a dance class is in session in a room nearby. Down the hallway we go. We decide on a restroom but the door won’t lock properly and it’s imperative that we’re not disturbed. We try another restroom but something else is wrong with the lock and a little boy is using it. We keep going down the line...around the corner. Last bathroom.

Me: “Here we go! This one will be fine.”

We step in and close the door. We discover the lock is broken. What will we do? We never get to complete our sexual mission.

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Waking up at 1:24 p.m.


Vacuuming the house. Anthony is present, deejaying on the computer.

Grilled Cheese with Tomato and Hummus. Salt n Vinegar Chips. Honey Green Tea.


Picking up Aysena from the Baltic house. We hang out in my room just like yesterday – making love – exchanging sweet affections.


Noticing we both have a tiny freckle on our fingers, one on her right middle finger and one on my left index finger.

Me: “We’re freckle mates. Like soul mates but freckle mates.”

She attempts to describe something she notices about me...

Her: “ All the stuff in this room you love all of them. But I have the same room too with all the stuff but I can love just few things cause I have no so much feeling inside me. I can’t give all of them my love.”

Me: “Okay. But what about me?”

Her: “You have a lot of feelings...sincerity.”


She does this thing whenever I say Oh my gosh, she responds with, “Oh your gosh!” I find this comical.


She lies on the bed reading through an issue of Adbusters memorizing an excerpt to help train in her English speaking while I run through a session of Russian on Rosetta Stone. This is a good moment.

I’ve got a paying Musicplayer gig with Mike Gombas at Wing King on the corner of Rosemont and VB Blvd. I invited everyone I know. The cavalry: Aysena, Tristan, Anthony, Kevin, Skippy, Jessa Potter, and a few others I haven’t seen in a good while.  I go on first with a 45-minute set of a few originals mixed in with Weezer tunes and other crowd pleasing covers of the like. Anthony accompanies me with harmonica on “All I Want Is You”. Before playing “Hound Dog” I request a tambourine player from the audience. A lady in her 40’s enthusiastically obliges. Even though she gets off beat for a little bit she’s thrilled to be a part. This makes for a warm and beautiful moment on stage.

Having a few Blue Moons on draft and experiencing a fun loose drunkenness that only enhances this late evening with music and friends. Mike Gomas and Chris Kendrick go on next and perform a plethora of covers and originals. We gather a bunch to sing along on stage to The Beatles, “I Want To Hold Your Hand.” – another warm and beautiful moment. Then attempting to do lead vocals for “Creep” by Radiohead, which turns out decent.


Sharing Buffalo Shrimp with Tristan, Anthony, and Aysena.

Time to go home. Still a little tipsy from the beer but I think I’ll be fine driving. I crank up Semisonic’s, “Closing Time” and a nostalgic scent fills the air.

Back home. There’s a crowd of people casually hanging around. Aysena is tired and so am I but I feel inclined to make cookies and socialize downstairs for a bit. I tuck Ays into bed.

Me: “You are exotic.”

Aysena: “My mother told me men who say you are exotic, don’t believe them.”

Me: “Don’t believe them? Ha. You can believe me.”

Devon left for Radford tonight and I heard Darren got somewhat emotionally distraught about it so I brought him the leftover scrapings from the cookie dough bowl to cheer him up which I know he loves.

Sharing Chocolate Chip Cookies with Milk in the kitchen. Josiah, Richie, Jamal, and Jennuh are present.

While in discussion Josiah briefly interrupts, “Can I just be super Asian real quick and fix a problem for you guys in like three minutes?” then takes the scour pad and scrubs off the dirty stovetop.

Darren: “No that only gets clean like once a month.”

Josiah: “Three minutes!”

Clean stovetop complete.


Getting into a side conversation with Jennuh about attention and personality observations.

Jennuh: “I don’t feel the need to impress people. But people feel like I crave attention.”

Me: “I don’t think you crave it I think you get it.”

Jennuh: “It’s not that I don’t like attention whatsoever...”

Me: “Everyone likes attention.”

Jennuh: “But I don’t like being the center of attention like in a big room.”


In the living room. Jessa, Calum, and Dan present. I’ve been carrying around a bag of select chocolate chip cookies to save for later. I’m given a hard time about why I’ve been carrying this around for the past hour.

Calum notices something in my voice, “You have a Russian intonation going on here.”

Me: “Intonation.”

Calum: “Yeah the inflection is very Russian.”

Me: “Well I did spend at least thirty minutes on Rosetta Stone.”


Calum suggest we play music with Jessa.

Me: “What does Jessa play?”

Calum: “She doesn’t play anything. That’s the point. It’s fucked up.”

Jessa: “There you go.”

Me: “Man, these concept projects get to me sometimes.”

Jessa: “Robert’s so full of concepts. His agenda is literally concept after concept.”

Me: “I’m actually really classic. I have more of a classic mindset when it comes to music but I’m totally down to dabble in concepts.”

I return to the bedroom where Aysena is fast asleep. I join her at 4:30 a.m.

[i] All images by Aysena or me.

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