Friday February 17 2012


8:45 a.m. my alarm goes off. Awakening from my little couch slumber. All throughout the night I was tossing and turning, adjusting my long legs over the edge of the armrest.

Granola Bar. Orange Juice.

At the Richmond Dentistry School for the last of my tooth fixings. Over three hours of lying in a dental chair, jaw locked open, while Lauren, my dentist, drills three fillings in. We had difficulty with the third one as I kept feeling the drill in a certain spot so she had to keep adding more anesthetic. But for a $150 I can’t complain. You won’t see that price anywhere at a private practice.

Afterwards, I meet up with Elliott, Wesley, and Emmanuel at a diner called Joe’s Inn. Elliott and Wesley came here to see a show the night before. They offer me French Toast and Egg leftovers and watch humorously as I have to hold my hand on the right side of my cheek to keep the food from falling out. The numbness will be there for the next two hours. The coffee is the hardest to keep in. We leave and head to Emmanuel’s mansion of an apartment, with over 5 or 6 rooms. On the way we pass an oddball of a limo...a Suburban Limo. 


Then we check out Diversity Thrift Store.

Purchasing three spatulas...

Elliott: “I see you’re getting spatulas.”

Me: “Yeah, now I don’t have to go to Spatula City. That place sucks!”


I depart from the boys and enjoy a soft Peanut Butter Sandwich and Aloe Vera Drink in my car. I look over the map of Richmond on my GPS and decide to go on a solo adventure. I need to see a lake or something green and natural. I drive across the James River and pass Swan Lake where no swans reside except a fleet of wild geese. Then I come across Maymont Park. One hundred acres of rolling hills, Japanese gardens and architecture, secret bamboo trails, and various bird species...

It feels rejuvenating to be alone here in this somewhat natural environment. It’s dead beautiful. This land has a century old history and holds an enchanting allure.

I drive back towards Hampton Roads.

Power Nap at a rest stop.

Kinder Bueno Chocolate Bar.

Near the Bridge Tunnel I call my mom and have a good chat. She tells me about some of the changes and realizations in her mind and body...

Me: “You’re going through an extreme evaluation stage. It’s like taking a test at school and the subject is your life.”

Mom: “[Haha] That’s right.”

I really appreciate the fact my mom is introspective and continues to work on edifying herself. That’s the kind of person I want to be and feel like I am.

I arrive at the new Path vegan restaurant in Norfolk. They just moved to this spot and took over The Pagoda...a quaint three story Chinese tower complete with a Chinese garden. Vaginasaurs have a show tonight. I load up and people slowly start to crowd in.

Vegan Raspberry Chicken Wrap with French Fries. PBR Tall Boys.

Just Friends plays a punchy punk set. Then us, The V-saurs. We fumble through a few songs and my left arm decides to stop working somewhere along the way. Tearing off my wig in sarcastic anger. I’ve never had that happen before. I can barely bang the floor tom. But we get through it and people enjoyed it and we had a blast. Then, The Wet Boys play their Tom Waits inspired hoe down jams.

While there I run into this girl Kristin, who I know through a high school friend. A long time ago I met her at a show and we exchanged numbers but never really hung out. She remembers. We talk briefly but after the show we share a string of flirtatious but innocent texts. 

I don’t know what to make of this new interaction. I feel a little guilty for talking in such a way to another female. But I shouldn’t. It’s playful and I’m allowed to talk however I want. I still love Margot and as long as we’re seeing each other I will continue to be faithful.

Back home. I’m super exhausted...

Sleep 2:30 a.m.

[i] The Vaginasaurs at Path Pagoda. Geri Waycie.
[ii] All other images by me.

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