Friday June 24 2011

DREAM: Arriving back home from somewhere. It’s late at night. Lauren Lowery is already living here. I find her sleeping at by the edge of the front door of Carmen and Josh’s room. Her glasses are off making her appear to be somebody entirely different than I remembered. Anthony inquires about her. It’s understood that she works at a thrift store. “Yeah, dude. She even works at a thrift store! Just like you.”

Getting out of bed after my alarm goes off for the second time. 11:11 a.m.

Breakfast: Blueberry Streusel Toast with Butter. Orange Mango Juice. Zinc.

All day shift at China Wok.

Delivering an order at the Shell station off VB Blvd. I decide to venture into the JCOC thrift store nearby. It turns out they're closing for business pretty soon. Everything is 60% off. I stumble upon the ultimate boom box stereo/radio and a box of 30 cassette tapes on how to learn Mandarin Chinese: Speak & Read Essential Mandarin Chinese I. Perfect. Now while I drive around delivering Chinese food I can learn how to speak Chinese too. And hopefully understand my boss's conversations. There's no doubt they talk about me.

Kroger. I have an employee slice open a watermelon of my choosing to make sure it's a good one before I buy it. Ooo man. This one's perfect. Big. A deep pink red color. I tried Ling's advice on selecting the sweetest watermelon by picking one that's irregular in shape and not a perfect circle. He was right.

Stop at the house to cut it up. Darren and Kevin are conducting their usual scene of acting like an old married couple—arguing over which grocery store is the best, Food Lion or Farm Fresh?

Quick stop at Anthony's thrift store to tell him about my finds and about the JCOC closing down. Of course he already knows about it. I should've predicted that because all thrift stores are a part of their own interconnected entity. And he's a veteran member.

Anthony: “Hey Robert! Guess how many cute girls are in there right now?”
Me: "Uh, one."
Anthony: "One."

A lady that ordered earlier comes back in the restaurant complaining that her rib tips were unsatisfactory. She's not used to Cecily's temperament or her "whueva's" and straight face responses. It only eggs the unhappy customer on. I try to intervene by just listening and apologizing for the inconvenience. She leaves with her $5 returned to her. Interestingly enough she calls back shortly after to apologize for coming across as mean. I think she realized she might have overreacted.

It's amazing what more can be accomplished by just listening and treating people with respect. They solve their own problems and come to their own conclusions.

Lunch: Cape Cod Kettle Cooked Potato Chips with Avocado. Honest Ade Orange Mango Mangosteen. Blueberry Yogurt.

Delivering an order on Bob Lane. The customer’s stereo is cranked up for that infamous Sublime song. A guy meets me on the front porch. I look over at the door and there are four dogs peeking their snouts out through a tear in the screen—a perfect picture moment if I only I could’ve captured it right at that moment.

White Chocolate Lemon Berry Granola Bites.

It’s a steady workday but nothing too overwhelming.

Meeting Chris and Justin at the storage unit so Chris can pack up his drums. I stay for a while practicing songs. I hear a burst of rain and thunder cracking through the sky above me while I dance around a reverb drenched melody on guitar.

Back home. Darren just finished baking these delicious Chicken Cordon Bleu fillets. I snag a few generous bites.
“I haven’t had a lot of protein today!”

Taking a walk in the nice fresh fallen rain air with Kevin, James, and Darren’s sister—smoking a clove and chit chatting about men’s bathroom etiquette.

The queen is making me uneasy for some reason. She’s been out and I just keep feeling these cold vibes from her. Eventually she’s here in my room. I feel like a scared insecure little boy—familiar emotions from The Dark Ages. But I’m overacting because I’m stressed from the long day I guess. Nothing’s wrong though.
“I’m more insecure than I think I am.”
She comforts me. I love on her. Everything…is…fine.


Sleep 4:20 a.m.

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