Tuesday April 19 2011

DREAM: At Busch Gardens walking around the park with Margot and John Flowers. John mentions something about Lincoln Logs. It’s understood he’s talking about the Log Flume ride. The park is almost empty. We seem to be here on a weekday or what seems like the least busy day of the year for this place. We run up to ride The Alpengeist rollercoaster. Afraid they won’t let us on for some reason but the men let us through. “Pick whatever spot you want!” I try to sit up front with John but he retreats to the second row allowing Margot and I to experience the front row. As the train clicks up the slope for the first drop I ask Margot, “You’ve never ridden this before have you?” “Nope.” “You’re gonna love it!”

Waking up just before 4 p.m.

Breakfast: Banana. Orange Juice. Zinc.

Post Office—mailing back my hydrogen fuel cell for repair—there’s some kind of leak in it.

Anthony’s thrift store is next door. He throws a big orange kickball as I walk in.

I stop by the Heritage store to get some tasty Virginia honey.

Scouring neighborhoods for places to rent.

Lunch: Grilled Cheese with Tomato. Salt n Vinegar Chips. Honey Green Tea. Strawberry Yogurt.

Watching a documentary called Tapped [2009] about the secrets of bottled water.

Work at China Wok.

Carpooling to Chesapeake—discovering 8 people is the capacity for my station wagon.

We drive over to the thrift store thinking we could just pick up Anthony. There seems to be no one in the store—waiting a little while hoping he’ll come out soon but we’re late for the show. Margot, in the passenger seat, is getting impatient and annoyed. She calls out that I planned this part of the night poorly. I sense her impatience. She gets this way sometimes, overly critical in a time of uncertainty. We’re always quick to blame the ones we love when things go wrong.

In a half genuinely flustered and half sarcastic tone I respond, “Okay Margot, I can’t be your robot and do everything you tell me to all the time.” It’s getting a little heated. The kids in the back take note.

Rachel places her hands on both of our shoulders, “I don’t like it when they fight.”

Me: “Baby, do you love me?”

Margot: “Not right now!”

Me: “Yes you do! You said all the time! You said you love me forever and wanted to be with me forever! I’ve got the text.”

I place my hand on her naked thigh. She doesn’t attempt to remove my hand but still says, “Don’t touch me.”

Me: “You like it when I touch you so shut up.”

She slowly forgets the whole thing.

With the queen I’ve come to learn that instead of focusing on winning the argument or using logic, I have to distract her with sweetness and remind her that she loves me and that I love her. It works most every time.

Devon and Darren are in the foldout seat in the very back. Every now and then he shouts something. Margot’s entertained by the things he says.

Margot: “Darren you’re my conscious!”

At Winston’s Café—DJ P and Mr. T perform, and then Menya—the energy is high—bodies moving.

Everyone’s making fun of my blog as usual.

Wesley: “Yeah! I can see it now, Show at Winston’s Café. Performing with Monkey Beatz. Good times.

Anthony: “A Blueberry Donut. Sex with Margot…

Outside snacking on Mixed Nuts and Reese’s Pieces. James Nee claims that the hazelnut isn’t a nut but a fruit. I don’t believe him.

Time for Monkey Beatz, which consists of myself on a small drum kit, Elliott wearing a red motorcycle helmet and brown jumpsuit hitting on whatever he can find, and Daniel spinning the turntables. Without any sort of rehearsal and complete improvisation, we fulfill our purpose. It’s such a catharsis when I bang on the drums—feeling an overwhelming pulse of movement and life—feeling human.

LoLa goes on to perform her spacey tribal and melodic sounds. I stand back and observe the girls go all out shaking and dancing with everything in them, especially Kelley. She seems to have a special zeal and abandon tonight. It’s invigorating and contagious to watch. Looking at the way the queen is dancing. I like to watch her dance. She has a unique and sexy twist and groove. I absolutely love it.

Back home. Kevin has pizza waiting for everyone. Eating a few slices with a Carrot and leftover Soybeans and Mixed Vegetable Rice.

I bring the queen to the storage unit—unloading the gear. Then, “Sex with Margot”.

Me: “It’s been a long time since we’ve had sex at the storage unit.”

Picking up Rachel from the house to drop her off at her place before I go to work.

I yell out for her to bring me some milk. Josh hears the request and as I approach the door already has milk filled in my personal plastic mug. “Oh, wow. Thanks!”

I can still feel the endorphins running through my body. You satisfy me.

Newspaper route.

Eating a Blueberry Donut from 7-11 with Milk.

Coast to Coast AM—Egyptologist expert talking about the theory of Black Genesis and how the pyramids were built.

Sleep 7:30 a.m.

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