Saturday April 9 2011

Waking up at 5:30 p.m.

Breakfast: Organic Strawberry Pop Tart. Orange Juice. Zinc, Vitamin D.

Work at China Wok—I deliver one order and the boss asks me to go home—slow, slow, slow.

Google Work.

Lunch: Grilled Cheese with Tomato. Salt n Vinegar Chips. Honey Green Tea. Strawberry Yogurt.

Watching Boyz N the Hood [1991].

Prepping to move—organizing stuff into boxes.

Eating a Banana and an Apricot Fruit Strip.

Counting quarters.

My baby’s here now. Getting into a tickling match—her sweet laugh bouncing off the walls.

Her period is starting and she doesn’t necessarily like sex during this time. But somehow I persuade her. “Really, it’s not that bad.”

After a trip from the bathroom she shuts the door and undresses, “Okay, I’m naked!”

Man, I love this girl. She satisfies me.

“Every time I see a beautiful girl in a movie I think of you. I don’t need imagination from a movie. I look at the screen and think, I’ve already got that.

Dinner: Lentils and Rice with Mixed Vegetables and Fresh Garlic Naan Bread.

Lounging on the bed—sharing music while I eat.

Newspaper route.

Blueberry Donut from 7-11 and Iced Coffee from home.

Coast to Coast—

Taking the car to the Doug, the mechanic that installed my hydrogen generator, so he can install the amp meter and tweak a few things.

Snacking on Popcorn and Goldfish.

Going for a jog/walk around the neighborhood—the sun has just risen creating that special luminescent morning glow on everything it touches. Admiring all the unique houses and fantasizing about having my own. I stop by the prospective house on Southern Boulevard that I hope to obtain by the end of the month. Look at this place. It has so much potential. Continuing the run—meditating and praying—using some of the telementation techniques I learned about some time ago—focusing and feeling with my entire being on getting that house—imagining the sale, the move-in, the people. The complex financial situation is the only thing in my way. Despite, I say to myself, I’m gonna make this happen. I’m getting this house. At the corner of Louisa and Indiana two black dogs pretend to be security guards, roaming free in the streets. The one barks ferociously at me but as soon as I approach and he realizes I’m not a threat, he switches to play mode.

Joining my baby in bed 9 a.m.

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