Saturday April 16 2011

DREAM: Hanging out in a café somewhere in Harrisonburg, Virginia. I watch Doug and someone else ride in a car outside. They drive right through the glass windows and into the café—glass and tables shatter. Smiles on their faces as if it was a joke. Nobody seems to be freaked out by what just happened. The owner of the place doesn’t have a blatant reaction but I can tell he’s annoyed. I stand up in the far end of the room and get everybody’s attention, “I have something to say!” I gesture my hands to quiet the crowd. “Please respect the buildings in this city and respect “the art”!”

Waking up around 4 p.m.

Breakfast: Cream of Wheat with Brown Sugar and Milk. Orange Juice.

Chatting with Anthony in my room about the possibility of moving two doors down into the house that just went up for rent. It seems to be the stronger plan. The financing to own the new house by the railroad tracks is becoming more and more complex for me. We’ll see what happens.

Work at China Wok. Bad weather brings good business.

The water falls from above—waiting at a stop light for at least two minutes—I start to feel the comfort that a storm like this can bring—it’s therapeutic—hypnotizing. I’m amazed at the effect the weather has on one’s mood and day.

The sky cracks open with a rainstorm out of proportion. It’s nice to have this pollen wash away but I’m getting soaked—in and out of the car—hoping the customer’s abode has covering over their front door.

Emily: “i am working late, but thought that the storm would set me free. looks like no such luck :(”

Me: “the truth will set you free.”

Emily: “yes but sometimes being free is kind of scary, isn’t it? that’s why we lie”

Delivering on order down by 59th street on Discovery Road. The driveway of the house is a long steep hill. Once I make it to the top, I find beautiful crushed rock steps that lead to a deep burgundy colored home with a uniquely decorated garden. The whole place is almost dream-like and feels familiar. I think I’ve been here in a dream once.

Finishing up the last three orders—slurping down some Vegetable Lo Mein while I drive—the brown sauce spilling on the side of my door without me knowing.

Strawberry Yogurt and Honey Green Tea.

We’ve decided to have a DC (designated cleaner) when we have people over at the house, kind of like a DD (designated driver). I don’t think this will last long.

The queen comes over bearing an Easter basket with a cute felt robot design on it full of chocolate goodies and the Fantastic Mr. Fox DVD. She’s thoroughly satisfied with the card she picked. [see above photo]

In my room, counting quarters as we recall the stormy day.

She’s getting antsy for some lovin…“Are you gonna be affectionate with me sometime soon?” I can’t help but giggle and smile at her cute demanding demeanor. Over the years, I’ve grown so fond of her and all the little characteristics that make her who she is.

I grab her hand and move us to the futon—massaging her neck and back.

She persists in touching me down there.

Me: “He’s tired.”

Her: “No he’s not. He wants to play.

She pulls it out—barely touching and watching it grow. Enamored with it she says, “I’ve never seen him grow like that. Look at him!” It’s comical that she always personifies my penis.

By myself, Anthony knocks on the door. I yell obnoxiously, “WHAT!” (because no one can ever hear me respond). Looking at the Easter basket, amazed at all the goodies in it he says, “You don’t need to look any further. Heaven’s right here where Margot is.”

Anthony’s reading a book with his feet dangling out of the attic. I’m eating a carrot.

Him: “Is that an everyday thing for you?”

Me: “Yeah you know, a carrot a day keeps the doctor away.”

Him: “A verse a day keeps the devil away.”

Newspaper route.

Drinking Iced Coffee with a Blueberry Donut from 7-11.

Coast to Coast AM—discussion with experts on the future of virtual reality.

Back home—taking on the role of designated cleaner. I can’t help myself—washing dishes—taking out the recycle bin, which has to be dumped everyday via all the bottles and cans of alcohol that are consumed. I love the steam created from the hot water and how it envelops my face—the act of renewing something that is dirty is a good feeling.

Eating an Egg Sandwich with Mayonnaise and Tomato along with some of these chocolate goodies.

Watching Once Upon a Time in America.

Sleep 8 a.m.

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