Sunday April 24 2011

Dreams just aren’t sticking out to me like they used to. I need focus.

Waking up to the sound of Anthony knocking brashly on my door and shouting, “JESUS IS RISEN!”

Breakfast: Cinnamon Honey Crumpets. Orange Juice. Zinc, Vitamin D.


Forgetting that a lot of stores would be closed today because of Easter.

Google work.

Lunch: Grilled Cheese with Tomato. Salt n Vinegar Chips. Honey Green Tea. Strawberry Yogurt.

Watching Coffin Rock [2009].

Out on the porch strumming a simple E-A chord pattern on Anthony’s guitar, which is missing the G-string. The boys went off to pick up Josh from the beach. It’s just Darren and I—he’s off on the deep end preaching about how we’re all just slaves in so many ways—government conspiracies—religion and it’s effects on our mental health. He has the kind of voice for a radio talk show. I bring up an idea to start a talk show online, just him and I, where we discuss ad debate anything and everything.

With Anthony on the basketball courts—free throw contest—talking about body scent and how the sense of smell is closely connected to memories. Playing one-on-one. He wins 5-4.

Back to back texts from the queen…

“I want to have sex with you soooo bad!”

“Correction: NEED to <3”

“I love you”

“Come over now! I want you!”

It’s dreadfully hot in her den. It’s only a setup though for what’s to come. I grab a Caramel Cadbury Egg from the end table and place it on her hot thigh—watching the heat emitting off her body melt some of the caramel.

Sexy heat. Sexy love. Sexy queen. Kissing every ounce of her being—grabbing—touching—invigorating squeeze. I love watching you love me. The visual stimulation is overwhelming at times but I endure long enough for us to enjoy different positions. My lover you satisfy me and I love loving you.

Afterwards—enjoying the cool nighttime breeze on the back patio.

Watching an episode of Trailer Park Boys.

Dinner: Over Medium Egg. Rice with Onions and Mixed Vegetables. Baby Broccoli. Naan Bread with Fresh Garlic.

Anthony: “Songs are my cigarettes. I watch Kelley smoke a cigarette and she has like this big sigh. I definitely feel the same.”

Newspaper route.

Eating a Blueberry Donut from 7-11 with Milk.

Coast to Coast AM—“George Knapp was joined by author Maurice Cotterell, who detailed his research into gravity and how it relates to astrology, reincarnation, and the nature of God.”

A cute little green frog distracts me at the Rehab Center newspaper box. [see above photo]

Watching some of the movie.

Sleep 7 a.m.

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