Monday April 4 2011

Waking up just before 5 p.m.

Breakfast: Blueberry Muffin Oatmeal. Orange Juice. Zinc, Vitamin D.

It’s hot out—windows opened in the house—the first days of spring are here, or maybe we’ll skip to summer instead.

Kevin’s all dressed up in his Papa John’s uniform, ready to go to work. Sharing delivery stories with him—pointing out the areas in Virginia Beach that don’t tip.

On the way to Chicho’s Pizza at the beach to do a gig with Mike Gombas. I point out to Anthony The White Castle hotel where Phil and I gathered tons of mattresses and resold them to another hotel.

Doing a 45-minute set of covers and originals—The Shins, Weezer, Pixies, Musicplayer.

Eating a few amazing slices of Pizza with a Budweiser.

Margot sees a picture of herself as the background image on my phone and says with a big smile, “You love me.”

Anthony hand writes a note on a piece of napkin asking if he can join me in my mattress endeavors. This kid is just full of energy. He never stops—quick-mouthed, witty, and humorous.

Anthony is jittery and is without a doubt ready to play—he’s got the basketball in his hands—jetting left and right.

Margot: “He reminds me of a spastic dog that’s incessantly jumping up in the air as you hold the ball from him.”

Eating some Strawberry Yogurt.

We corral the people in the house to join us at the courts down the street. Anthony and I duke it out with Darren and Kelley. Chance, the Lassie dog, gets in on the action, jumping up and down attempting to nom the basketball. The wind is strong and overwhelming, throwing off most of my shots.

Me: “Anthony, you sound just like the voice of Michael J. Fox doing Chance in Homeward Bound!”

I feel exhausted from all of that running around—but that was good for me.

Lounging in my room with the queen. She’s still getting over a sickness but shows a glowing affection for me.

She keeps asking, “Are you a butt man or a boob man?”

I can’t give her an answer, “Why do you keep asking me that? I like both.”

Business and scheduling.

I decide to clean the bathroom thoroughly minus the tub, in watermelon dress uniform of course via Rachel—and caulk up the cracks to prevent ants from entering the premises—Anthony gives me a hand and provides conversation, inquiring into my church past.

1623 is alive again like it was last summer—different people, different year—daily late night gatherings where the ideas and laughter flow like melting ice cream.

Carmen draws a really cool picture of a girl and offers the rest of us to determine a caption for her.

Eating a Banana, a Carrot, and a Crab Cake Dustin brought home from his mom.

Jurassic Park VHS tape playing on TV—“Dino DNA!”

Newspaper route.

Drinking Iced Coffee with Brown Sugar and Milk.

Eating Salmon and Rice with a Salad.

Cleaning and organizing the kitchen.

Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups—the temperature of the house causes them to be a little melty, mmm.

Random rainfall at 7 a.m.

Taking a shower while it’s raining is almost redundant.

Watching We Don’t Live Here Anymore [2004].

Sleep 8:30 a.m.

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